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My Kickstarter Video! We need to your help to get to Toronto!

This is the video I made for Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a wonderful thing. It can really make a difference in artists’ lives. And we are trying to raise the $ to get to the Toronto Film Festival this year! And we’re nowhere near our goal If you love quality TV, this is a vote for it. No donation is too small. Some one kicked started it with just $1.

The clock is ticking! If you don’t contribute by midnite July 17 all the money raised goes back to the people who so kindly donated and not to us, and we don’t get to do the fabulous interviews like the ones you’ll see excerpted here.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Laura Linney, Keira Knightley and Jude Law are all on this video. They like my show and they like YOU my viewers! So help us get to TIFF! The abbreviated name for the Toronto International Film Festival! That’s where I interviewed all these brilliant people last year! And you have to keep going their to get them!

Watch the video, where I explain it all, then go to Kickstarter to contribute, but do it fast! Time is running out!

Toronto’13 Kickstarter project just Launched!

Dear Readers, dear cineastes, dear followers and friends of this blog! We need your help! I have just been able to launch my first ever Kickstarter program re: attending the Toronto Film Festival or TIFF this year.

The hotel prices have gone sky-high, out of my range totally, and we can’t attend and shoot those fabulous TIFF shows which run throughout the fall on my TV show and also on You Tube and here, too, on my blog.

I’ve been trying to upload a link to it on Kickstarter all morning, but for some reason WordPress won’t take the link. However you can go to Kickstarter.com and search under Stephen Holt Show and you’ll find it!

We only have until midnight July17 to raise $2500. We shot a great video and you can see it at Kickstarter but not here. And even if I was able to get it here, you still have to go to Kickstartet itself to contribute.

Kickstarter is a wonderful thing. I only just found out about it and have been away at the Provincetown Film Festival, and now I’m back and it’s LAUNCHED after many trials and revisions.

It explains more about “The Stephen Holt Show” than anything else I’ve ever posted, and if you’ve enjoyed my writing and my TV show and my web-series, all of which I MAKE NO MONEY FROM, now is your chance to show your support and help us get to Toronto ’13!





Packing, unpacking, re-packing, still packing, procrastinating packing. It’s still packing. And no, I’m STILL not finished. I hate packing. Why am I writing this!?! I should still be packing!

Is it going to be cold? Is it going to be hot? Is it going to be raining? Is it another hurricane? I should be PACKING!

Hurry hurry hurry and trying to be a complete and thorough as possible. AND YOU STILL FORGET THINGS!

Tickets, keys, passport, and on and on and on. No end in sight. But there IS an end! Tomorrow morning there’s just enough time to get up, get some breakfast, get cleaned up, and pack everything that you HAVE to leave til the last-minute, because you  have to use it in the morning!

And get to that train ON TIME! OR ELSE!

See you in Provincetown!

Cape Cod here I come!

Meanwhile, I’m still packing!


Cicely Tyson First Standing Ovation of the TONY night!

Jake Gyllenhaal gives Cicely Tyson the Tony for Best Actress in a Play for “A Trip to Bountiful” . A well-deserved award for a beautiful, moving performance. And the only standing ovation of the evening ensued. And she gave an appropriately beautiful and moving speech. “The thumbprint of all who have touched me…”

And then Jake the Great gave Best Actress in a Musical to Patina Miller for “Pippin” who unfortunately I didn’t see because she was out that night.

She SHOULD have won it for “Sister Act” two years ago, as I told her at the Drama Desk Nominee Cocktail Party which you can see at http://www.youtube.com/StephenHoltShow

I saw “Pippin” and enjoyed it immensely, especially Andrea Martin and the circus elements.
But Patina’s understudy, Stephanie Pope, was just AWFUL, so that part of the musical was M.I.A. Ben Vereen won a Tony and built a career on doing THAT part?!?

I wish I had seen Patina, whom I like personally immensely.

I admire Tracey Letts’ performance in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” but I didn’t expect him to be awarded for a role in a play that closed. “Virginia Woolf” won THREE big awards tonight. Best Director of a Play, Best Revival of a Play and now Best Actor.

This is probably a harbinger of more awards to come Oscartime when “August: Osage County” comes around starring Meryl Steep & Julia Roberts and produced by Harvey Weinstein.

Less than happy about Billy Porter of “KB” winning over Bertie Carvel for “Matilda.” I didn’t like his performance. Period.

And I’m REALLLLY upset about “Matilda” not winning Best Musical.That sort of ruined my night.

Andrea Martin Wins Best Featured Actress in a Musical! Pippin!

Andrea Martin wins Best Featured Actress in a Musical for “Pippin” where she hangs upside down and SINGS! “Spring Will Turn to Fall In Just No Time At All” and in tights! She thanked the gymnast/dancer who “holds me, a woman of my age, up and never drops me!” Lolol…

Cyndi Lauper broke down crying when she won for Best Score for “Kinky Boots”. First time I ever liked her, I have to say. But she was really touching. And now for some reason there’s a pointless rock number that was intro’ed by Steve Van Zandt from “The Sopranos”. “Good Loving”? What is THAT doing here? Lots of unnecessary musical numbers this year. Like “Annie”?!? “It’s a Hard Knock Life”??? And Jayne Lynch singing about how much she hates “Little Girls”. Now THAT I believed. Thank god, they didn’t have Annie herself sing “Tomorrow”! Ugh.  Be thankful for small favors on Tony night.

Very dull section of the show. When the directors won. Both distinguised women, Diane Paulus for “Pippin” and Pam McKinnon for “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” I liked them, but it starting getting dull. Jerry Mitchell, in a flashback moment won earlier in the evening. for Choreography for “Kinky Boots.”

Shock and Awe! Gabriel Ebert Wins Best Featured Actor in a Musical!

Wow! Gabriel Ebert just won in a total surprise to everyone but ME, for Best Featured Actor in a Musical for “Matilda”! And I told him he would win, too! When I saw him getting his kale at The Green Symphony! He played Matilda’s horrible/goofy/funny/awful green-haired father!

Live Blogging the Tonys!

Well, it’s off to a very good, bang-up start with Neil Patrick Harris knocking it out of the ballpark with a terrific number. TONYs are back in the Radio City Music Hall, which is where it belongs. 
Courtney P. Vance, who’s been on my show back in the ’80s, won the first award of the night. Best Featured Actor in a Play which also bodes well for Tom Hanks, also nominated for the same play, “Lucky Guy.”

OMG! Judith Light just won her second Tony two times in a row! And I told her she would! And she didn’t believe me! She gave a great speech! Congrats, Judith! Best Featured Actress in a Play! The Oscar Messenger, who is also now the TONY Messenger scores again! Judith told me, “You’re precious, but oh, not again.” But she did it! You can see me tell her this at http://www.youtube.com/StephenHoltShow

“Matilda” was beautifully presented. “Revolting Children” and “When I Grow Up” very well done, and they chose the cutest Matilda of the four young girls who are playing her to sing the solo, of course. I saw her performance and it was very”Miss Thing”, if you know what I mean. Sophie Gennusa. She’s pretty, but…

I worry that “Matilda” is the first musical shown tonight. It’s an Awards Throw Down between “Matilda” and “Kinky Boots”. And Neil Patrick Harris mentioned Billy Porter and his ass(yes, he did) in his Opening. Uh….

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