a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Dear Readers, dear cineastes, dear followers and friends of this blog! We need your help! I have just been able to launch my first ever Kickstarter program re: attending the Toronto Film Festival or TIFF this year.

The hotel prices have gone sky-high, out of my range totally, and we can’t attend and shoot those fabulous TIFF shows which run throughout the fall on my TV show and also on You Tube and here, too, on my blog.

I’ve been trying to upload a link to it on Kickstarter all morning, but for some reason WordPress won’t take the link. However you can go to Kickstarter.com and search under Stephen Holt Show and you’ll find it!

We only have until midnight July17 to raise $2500. We shot a great video and you can see it at Kickstarter but not here. And even if I was able to get it here, you still have to go to Kickstartet itself to contribute.

Kickstarter is a wonderful thing. I only just found out about it and have been away at the Provincetown Film Festival, and now I’m back and it’s LAUNCHED after many trials and revisions.

It explains more about “The Stephen Holt Show” than anything else I’ve ever posted, and if you’ve enjoyed my writing and my TV show and my web-series, all of which I MAKE NO MONEY FROM, now is your chance to show your support and help us get to Toronto ’13!




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