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Rami Malek becomes as iconic as Freddie Mercury himself in “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Sometimes a performance comes virtually out of nowhere to seize Oscar by the throat and win him, and all the Academy Voters over, to the point where his awards triumph is undeniable. Such a rare event will occur on Sunday night when young Egyptian/American actor Rami Malek ascends the stage at the Dolby pavilion to accept his first Oscar( yes, I’m sure there will be others later on in his career)for his magnetic portrayal of the late British rock star Freddie Mercury of Queen in “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Rami Malek has already won a slew of awards on his road to the Oscars. He just nabbed Best Actor at BAFTA, following his Golden Globe and SAG, making the young Malek a certifiable lock for the top honor. His performance is one for the ages. He’s just astounding. A man on fire, he never stops moving or compelling and fascinating us. He also almost never stops singing the great QUEEN standards. And guess what? He’s lip-syncing them all. Seamlessly. You can’t tell when Mercury stops and Malek begins, his performance is all consuming. And also consummate.

Malek gives us his quiet, introverted moments as well as his genuine gender confusion about his burgeoning bi-sexuality. Malek does not stint in any way in performing what is surely going to be known as the defining one of his career.

Rami Malek with his Golden Globe Award for Best Actor Drama

Be sure to catch his historic win on Sunday night on ABC-TV. No actor of Middle-Eastern, certainly not of Egyptian heritage, has ever won Best Actor at the Oscars before. This year will be the most diverse Academy Awards yet, I predict.

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