a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Well, it’s off to a very good, bang-up start with Neil Patrick Harris knocking it out of the ballpark with a terrific number. TONYs are back in the Radio City Music Hall, which is where it belongs. 
Courtney P. Vance, who’s been on my show back in the ’80s, won the first award of the night. Best Featured Actor in a Play which also bodes well for Tom Hanks, also nominated for the same play, “Lucky Guy.”

OMG! Judith Light just won her second Tony two times in a row! And I told her she would! And she didn’t believe me! She gave a great speech! Congrats, Judith! Best Featured Actress in a Play! The Oscar Messenger, who is also now the TONY Messenger scores again! Judith told me, “You’re precious, but oh, not again.” But she did it! You can see me tell her this at http://www.youtube.com/StephenHoltShow

“Matilda” was beautifully presented. “Revolting Children” and “When I Grow Up” very well done, and they chose the cutest Matilda of the four young girls who are playing her to sing the solo, of course. I saw her performance and it was very”Miss Thing”, if you know what I mean. Sophie Gennusa. She’s pretty, but…

I worry that “Matilda” is the first musical shown tonight. It’s an Awards Throw Down between “Matilda” and “Kinky Boots”. And Neil Patrick Harris mentioned Billy Porter and his ass(yes, he did) in his Opening. Uh….

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