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What IF — BETTE Didn’t Win the TONY? Biggest upset in Tony history?!

What if Bette Midler didn’t win the Tony tonight? It would be the biggest upset in TONY history! But could it really happen? There have been some last minute rumblings of late about Bette’s purported non-performance at tonight’s award show. David Hyde Pierce is supposedly performing instead to represent “Dolly” with his solo “Penny in My Pocket” which is cute, but underwhelming. Not when you have it representing the biggest money-maker of the year on Bway.

Bette is going to present an award, but her no show at the Drama Desks where she won in her category, was a shocker, when everybody else was there, including Kevin Kline, who hasn’t been ANYwhere this awards’ season representing “Present Laughter”. What gives? Will Tony voters be so riled at this perceived snub, snub her back and give the Tony to Patti LuPone, who has been everywhere and doing everything she can to promote her show “War Paint” where she plays Helena Rubinstein to a Fair-Thee-Well. Unlikely, mmmm, yesterday I wouldn’t’ve mentioned it or even thought about it. But today…knowing those fickle Tony voters and how important tonight’s TV show is…DON’T BE SURPRISED if it happens. And you heard it here first…

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