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Terrible Computer Troubles

Reason my blog posts have suddenly come to an abrupt halt is not just the Oscar season being over. That’s part of it. But my Toshiba laptop is now officially dead/disabled and needs to go back to some repair shop some where in the NYC vicinity. Or it’s just D.O.A.

THEN my 2001 Dell Dial-Up which I used for back-up, is now also not turning on. So yes, I have no technology at all and am posting this from a library computer.

This is all pretty damn devastating/depressing and my TV has decided to pack it in, too. So the silence is DEAFENING.

I am at a loss what to do technically. I’m afraid if I send it back to Toshibsa for repairs, the laptop, I mean that it is going to be more than I can afford on my scant income of ZIP.

And the dial-up housed my important writing of the past decade and a bit more…I hope all that work is not lost forever.

Anybody with Toshiba stories, or NYC computer repair experiences please feel free to share in the comment section here.

I really don’t know what I’m going to do.

I’m at a public library typing this.


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