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Oscar Doesn’t Like Split Roles

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I know I’ve said this before, but when I read impassioned, smart, detailed arguments like the one Sasha Stone just posted on http:awardsdaily.com. Well, I have to respond. She liked it. Me, not nearly.

Here’s what I said in their always lively comments section:

Lionsgate has to push, scream and drag this movie into the Oscar Race, which is A LONG WAY OFF, IMHO. I found it disappointing. And Dano difficult to relate to, but yes to Cusack’s great work.

Splitting it between two actors made it more of an acting exercise to me, than a film you could get totally lost it. If ONE great actor had played both parts, say the late Phillip Semour Hoffman, it would be a hands-down Oscar winner.

Musical bio-pics have a history of garnering wins with the Academy IF they’re done right. Like Marion Cotillard in “La Vie En Rose” and Jamie Foxx in “Ray”. Even Reese Witherspoon in “Walk the Line” falls into this category. And Cotillard’s Piaf jumped all over the map, backwards and forwards in time and age, which is partly why she won. She showed great depth in all of Piaf’s lifetimes, young, old and in-between.

Joaquim Phoenix would’ve been great in this.

But there’s SOOOOO many great acting roles rolling our way in a few months’ time that Dano is gonna get knocked out of the way like a ten-pin in a bowling alley.

Cusack is the one who could get into supporting. He’s never even been nominated I think. And Elizabeth Banks is sensational in this. Giamatti, too.

It could score some serious cred in Sound Mixing and Sound Editing, but splitting up Brian Wilson played by TWO ACTORS? Crazy idea that doesn’t work. For me, anyway. And maybe not for the Academy, too.

Same tragic musical star story. A La Judy Garland and on and on and on…Maybe this would’ve worked in a TV mini-series, where say, Garland has been played by two actresses, but in a film that’s got its’ eyes on awards…Wrong time of year, and two too many Wilsons.


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