a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Andrea Martin wins Best Featured Actress in a Musical for “Pippin” where she hangs upside down and SINGS! “Spring Will Turn to Fall In Just No Time At All” and in tights! She thanked the gymnast/dancer who “holds me, a woman of my age, up and never drops me!” Lolol…

Cyndi Lauper broke down crying when she won for Best Score for “Kinky Boots”. First time I ever liked her, I have to say. But she was really touching. And now for some reason there’s a pointless rock number that was intro’ed by Steve Van Zandt from “The Sopranos”. “Good Loving”? What is THAT doing here? Lots of unnecessary musical numbers this year. Like “Annie”?!? “It’s a Hard Knock Life”??? And Jayne Lynch singing about how much she hates “Little Girls”. Now THAT I believed. Thank god, they didn’t have Annie herself sing “Tomorrow”! Ugh.  Be thankful for small favors on Tony night.

Very dull section of the show. When the directors won. Both distinguised women, Diane Paulus for “Pippin” and Pam McKinnon for “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” I liked them, but it starting getting dull. Jerry Mitchell, in a flashback moment won earlier in the evening. for Choreography for “Kinky Boots.”

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