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Golden Globes Live! Blogging….AARON TAYLOR-JOHNSON!!!!Wtf?!?

aaron-taylor-johson-1Jimmy Fallon, of course, opens the show with an Opening Night stolen directly from “La La Land.” OK. Guess I would’ve done the same thing. Spoof of “City of Stars” number. Also a nominee. Except stars and assorted celebs popping out of limos,

Fallon says his teleprompter’s broken. So he’s doing imitation of Chris Rock. Everyone in the audience does look drunk. Already. They don’t give them any food, FYI, just champagne. So they get bombed very easily.

Everything’s a Trump joke.  Mild compared to Ricky Gervais or even Tina and Amy.

First award of night, Best Supporting Actor given out by Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone. First SHOCKER! Aaron Taylor-Johnson for “Nocturnal Animals”!!!NO ONE got that!!!!!

The Hollywood Foreign Press voted that award to throw off all the pundits including me!aaron-taylor-scottI know Aaron. I interviewed him several times. He named himself, his last name after his wife, whose name is Sam. This led to one of the most hysterical interviews I ever did on my TV show.

Will post a link as fast as I can.


Instant Oscar reactions! Yay for Benh & Q! Boo for Jackie Weaver!

Delighted for Benh Zeitlin and Qu’venzhane Wallis for their Oscar nominations for Best Director and Best Actress for “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” Both of them may be the youngest nominees in their categories and so congrats to them!

But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I feel awful for Ann Dowd not scoring in Best Supporting Actress and being replaced by a not-very-good performance by Jackie Weaver in “Silver Linings Playbook.” 😦

Ditto for my hero Tom Hooper, for missing out on Best Director for “Les Miserables”! I’ve seen it four times! Was he bumped by Benh!?!

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