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Sasha Stone’s Latest Oscar Piece. A Real PickMeUp on this Election Night.

Sasha Stone, the reigning Oscar goddess of the Internet, NOBODY CAN TOUCH HER! Does it yet again with a penetrating, insightful “State of the Race” article, in which she lays out the HISTORICAL perspective, with dates and winners and runners-up and graphs(well sort of) of how, now that the Academy is allowing Ten Nominees for Best Picture yet again, as they did last year, and did also in the ’20s and ’30s how there’s a very real possibility that there will be a split between the Best Picture winner and the winner of Best Director.

She does SUCH a great job of it. At www.awardsdaily.com.

I wouldn’t be typing this here today, if it wasn’t for her support and inspiration and influence. She’s soooo insightful and for me, AwardsDaily is simply MUCH MORE EXCITING, inevitably, than the actual awards show itself!

How she keeps doing it and doing it, writing so well, and so interestingly and refreshingly and with NEW insights on what is basically the same story over and over again.

Especially this year.

In Toronto it was “The King’s Speech” vs. “The Social Network” and that hasn’t changed. “The Social Network” hadn’t opened yet, but we Oscarologists knew it was coming.

And I notoriously HATED it, and Sasha loves it, as do most of my critical brethren and sisteren. But the Academy doesn’t. Or won’t, IMHO.

And now at the last minute comes the Coen Brothers “True Grit” as a possible spoiler. The trailer(and I saw it in the theater where I nearly SLEPT through “Hereafter”….zzzzz…….) did NOT impress me as it seems to do others.

It looks like Jeff Bridges is doing his Bad Blake character from “Crazy Heart” all over again as Rooster Cogburn, the part that won John Wayne his Oscar late in his career. And the trailer looks like the Coen’s are doing a more mainstream “No Country for Old Men.” THEY just won the Oscar for Best Picture a couple of years back and Jeff Bridges just won LAST YEAR!

I don’t see this film repeating that success UNLESS—well, UNLESS it’s a real crowd-pleaser and makes a gagillion dollars and that young girl in the braids seems irritating to me…

But trailers can be decieving.

And Paramount just upped the opening day by three days! I guess they like it. They really like it. I’m not impressed. It remains to be seen…

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