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Marion Cotillard Wins ANOTHER Best Actress Award, This time from Boston Online Film Critics! Two in One Week! Tilda wins, too!

Two Days 2Snowpiercer 1 The beauteous Marion Cotillard is having one hell of a lovely awards week! She won the NY Film Critics on Monday for Best Actress for her two films this year “The Immigrant” and the Belgian film “Two Days, One Night” and today, Saturday, she was also named Best Actress by the Boston Online Film Critics for “Deux Jours, Une Nuit”(The French title).

The Boston Online Film Critics really went rogue and won my heart in a big way by naming not only my darling Tilda Swinton Best Supporting Actress for the also underseen “Snowpiercer.” but they also named “Snowpiercer” Best Picture!

And to top it all off they named Brendan Gleeson Best Actor for “Calvary”! A Trifecta of Perfect Awards for Outstanding Performances that are in danger of being overlooked.

But not anymore, I hope. And tomorrow brings ANOTHER Awards avalanche with the L.A. Film Critics announcing! Could these three also turn up there? Could be!

I hope allll these deserving films and performances get re-distributed and re-seen now that we are at the height of awards season!

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