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Saki! One of Provincetown’s Greatest Restaurants! With Hostess with the Mostest~ Janet Jorgelesco!

Sooo many delicious, mouth-watering dishes at Saki(formerly Saki Sushi) in Provincetown! Janet Jorgelsco out-does herself once again showing what seems like ever incredible, innovative,Sushi /Thai dish in the place!

Camera – Phil Sokoloff

Editing_ Kevin Teller



More Saki Sushi in Provincetown! Ahoy! Enjoy!

As I get ready to head out for the fourth year in a row to cover the wonderful week of the Provincetown Film Festival, here’s one more delicious look at the mouth-watering Saki Sushi! Ahoy! And enjoy!


Stephen Holt Show at Saki Sushi! Provincetown Here we come!

Provincetown here we come! And we always start off this Summer series of episodes about the Provincetown Film Festival and all its’ fabu hotels and restaurants at Saki Sushi, with the Hostess with the Mostest, the equally fab Janet Jorgelescu! And our other two guests, Nancy Coleman and Ticia Smith-Coleman were on their honeymoon!
Editing by Kevin Teller

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