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Irene closes EVERYTHING!

I have never seen anything like this. And no, I wasn’t able to get my Morning Buzz coffee from Whole Foods ground. Every Starbucks is closed. Every store with a coffee grinder is closed. Burger King is closed. McDonald’s is closed. The BANK is closed!

There seemed to be a police woman at every subway entrance posted to tell the public no dice.

And yes, it started to rain again, the minute I left the building, but this time I had a super-huge umbrella. It was just drizzle, really. On and off, as I searched to get my coffee beans ground.

Broadway shows are closed, as I mentioned, til next week. And yet, and yet, there were a lot of dazed looking people wandering around, looking bewilderedly at all the closed stores. And oh yes, the movie houses here, closed, too.

All those stunned, not stunning, white people staggering around in this multi-racial New York, wearing nothing whatever dressy, were undoubtedly tourists, who HAD found a hotel in Manhattan, but now with all the buses and subways shut, they are just stuck within walking distance of their hotels…

And there were still a few people with pull-suitcases(I know there’s a better word for that, but I can’t think of it at the moment. I must be dazed a bit, too.) but only a few, and they were all guys…Last minute-itis…Gets you stuck.

Never before has New York City which LIVES by mass transporation, ever had it ALLLL shut down.

Me, I’m getting cabin fever stuck in here…And the storm has yet to reach here…We’ve got two more days of this. Or a day and a half…I guess I’m glad I stocked up, and ran around, and endured those lonnnnnnnng lines the way I did yesterday and this morning, because now….there’s nothing….

The one restaurant/fast food place I saw open was PACKED with people, all hungry tourists, PACKED.

Ugh. When is this going to be over???

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