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Lupita Nyong’o Presents Best Supp. Actor to J.K.Simmons

Lupita Oscars 15The lovely Lupita Nyong’o, last year’s winner for Best Supporting Actress, just presented Best Supporting Actor to J.K.Simmons, who won of course, as all and sundry predicted for the much-loved “Whiplash.”

Lupita looks more classier and majestic than ever in a white-gown that seemed to be made up entirely of pearls! She looked like a huge necklace. A subtle shout-out through-the-ages to the late Josephine Baker. Hmmm? I wonder if Lupita might play that role in a film someday.

The always start off the show with Best Supporting Actor, and it starts it off with a bang. Of course, the wonderful Neil Patrick Harris knocked it out of the ball-park, too, with his salute to “Hollywood’s best and the WHITEST!”

The Eva Duvernay and David Oyelowo snubs have turned into one of the biggest events of Oscars 2015. Possibly, because the rest of The Race seemed soooo predictable. Although, they’ve rumored “surprises.” One hopes so, as I’ve said.

But isn’t everyone getting a little sick of J.K.Simmons at this point? But then he totally redeemed himself with a very touching tribute to his wife and his children. And to parents every where.

He told everyone to call their mother or father, “if they are still on this planet.” Mine aren’t. I ended up being very moved. I could see Lupita, in a side shot, was crying.

Motherhood, fatherhood, parents, children. Is this going to be the theme of the night? Is J.K. trying to tell us something? Well, clearly he is. I mean about the Best Picture winner tonight…?

LUPITA NYONG’O Wins Best Supp.Actress at Broadcast Film Critics!!!

Lupita Nyong’O of “12 Years a Slave” wearing a beautiful, white, floor-length form-fitting gown moved the audience to tears with her heartfelt acceptance speech. She was choking back tears. I was, too. And I also saw Oprah doing the same. Lady O gave Lupita a standing O. And so did many others assembled there.

Thank goodness Jennifer Lawrence didn’t win AGAIN! But she DID win as part of The Best Ensemble for “American Husle”. I groaned when I heard THAT annoucement.

And Jared Leto finally gave a politically correct exceptance speech when he inevitably won for Best Supporting Actor for “Dallas Buyers’ Club”.

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