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What do the critics awards mean? Not that much in terms of OSCAR!

What do the results of the avalanche of critics awards that have been poured out upon us in the past two days MEAN? Not that much, Blanche, not that much.

 Well, all I can say is that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is not made up of any press whatsoever, especially critics!!!

The results of today’s and yesterday’s critics awards annoucements were all over the place as far as the Best Actress race was concerned. But they were not what I expected for poor Leslie Manville. She really needed those two big critics awards. She didn’t  get them.

Annette Bening won in New York. And a heretofore unknown Korean actress won in LA for a film called “Mother.”

I think this helps Michelle Williams, strangely enough.

 And NOOOOOOMI! Noomi Rapace for “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” keeps popping up!

It seems to be as Sasha Stone so completely pointed out at www.awardsdaily.com Noomi’s ascendance is Leslie Manville’s DEscendance.

I will refer you back to my earlier post about what the Academy is REALLY thinking and one of the things that these awards have proved, unfortunately for Leslie Manville, is that running Ms. Manville for lead was the biggest mistake of the Oscar race.  She’s getting left out of BOTH categories completely! Ouch!

That said, Noomi and Michelle and Leslie and Annette will ALLLLLL be probably, most likely nominated for Golden Globe awards tomorrow morning! Yikes! Yes, the Golden Globe nominations are coming out TOMORROW! And as far as the Academy is concerned “Tomorrow is Another Day!” Who said that? And as Sasha says “Everything can turn on a dime.” And just because “The Social Network” won EVERYTHING today, does NOT mean that it’s going to win everything tomorrow.

And my boy Colin Firth won both LA & NYC! GO COLIN! Go Noomi!

And you can see me being the Oscar Messenger Par Excellence and telling both Colin Firth and Noomi Rapace that they just might be going to the Academy Awards this year!  www.youtube.com/StephenHoltShow

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