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Stephen Holt Show’s 2010 Year’s Ten Best List

I’ll elaborate further later,when I have more time, but for now, here is my 2010 Year’s Ten Best List –

1. The King’s Speech

2. A Film Unfinished

3. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

4. Nowhere Boy

5. Black Swan

6. 127 Hours

7. Mesrine, Pts. 1 & 2

8. Blue Valentine

9. Another Year

10.I Love You, Phillip Morris

Wonderful BIG GAY movie coming your way!

Yesterday afternoon, I saw a wonderful new BIG GAY movie that I’ve been told I can’t review until near it’s opening but just let me say I LOVED it!

It’s “I Love You Phillip Morris” starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor as the hottest gay lovers to ever hit the screen. And both should be included in the Oscar Buzz Discussion. More when I’m officially allowed to write about this wonderful, wild, wacky, lovely movie!

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