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Oscar ~ Supp. Actor Race Gets Crazy!

It seems to me that the Supporting Actor Oscar Race this year is getting crazier and crazier by the minute!

Or maybe it’s just H. Weinstein doing the Oscar voodoo, that he do so well. OK. He DOES so well.

He can be seen on http://www.Hollywood-elswhere.com Jeff Well’s great site in a video giving a speech on behalf of “Silver Linings Playbook” where he equates voting for Robert De Niro for Best Supporting Actor for that film with 9/11!!! No! I’m not making this up. He made Robert De Niro sound like a heroic New York figure, like Rudi Guiliani, who was the mayor at the time. But y’kknow, something? He’s right!

Harvey was waxing eloquent about Robert De Niro’s creation of the Tribecca Film Festival and how it helped re-vitalize the devastated lower portion of Manhattan. Which is actually TRUE!

De Niro has contributed untold amounts of this life and his money into better-ing film life, esp. independent film life in this city. And by extension, everywhere.

And there is Harvey saying that”Robert De Niro has not won an Oscar in 32 years”which is almost the exact same line he used to get Meryl Streep her un-expected third Oscar last year for that dreadful “Iron Lady” movie. In which, yes, she was great…but that film…

And then you turn the dial and find Robert De Niro breaking down crying on Katie Couric’s new talk show. The biggest boost HER career has gotten since Sarah Palin.
And THAT video has gone viral, too.

And then…on the West Coast, Harvey’s got Robert De Niro putting his hands and feet-prints- into cement in front of Grauman’s Chinese in Hollywood! Now that’s a sight I thought I would never see!!!Robert De Niro on all-fours with his ass in the air! I’m not kidding! The pictures are all on Hollywood-elswhere.And elsewhere on the Internet. Everywhere on the Internet as a matter of fact.

Robert De Niro is getting the full-on Harvey Weinstein/Oscar treatment. How can anyone win against him? I mean, who else can even remember the other nominees, at this point.

And yes, all the things that Harvey was saying about De Niro’s contribution to film and the life of New York City ARE TRUE!!! Have any of the other nominees in that category, all of whom also have Oscars already(DeNiro has two) can even compete?

It seems like Harvey’s sent his other TWO nominees in that category into hiding. That would be Christophe Waltz in “Django Unchained” and Phillip Seymour Hoffman in “The Master.” Seems like they’ve been put into a witness protection program!

The BAFTAS this Sunday might reveal SOMEthing but Robert De Niro is not going to win there. He’s not even nominated.

That Katie Couric interview!!!!

I suppose you could say it was hype for “Silver Linings Playbook” which is, lest we forget, also nominated for Best Picture. And it’s director David O. Russell, was sitting also on Katie’s big white coach, next to Bradley Cooper, next to the weeping Deniro.

The subject was how important “Silver Linings Playbook” is to the acceptance and understanding of mental illness. WHAT A SPIN!

And what a change of story for this previously described delightful/sexy romcom romp with also nominated and supposed front-runner Jennifer Lawrence, well, you’d never know it from Katie’s Show. It made “Silver Linings Playbook” look like it was “The Snake Pit”, which it isn’t. Where was Jennifer Lawrence? Is she now being HIDDEN?Has she gone into Harvey’s Wit-less Protection Program, too? In her case, saying something that might be, er, mis-interpreted as she nears the winner’s circle in THAT race. I thought she already had that sewn up? Or is this SUPER LONG LULL period before the voting begins on Friday changing the Race yet again? I think it is.

She should’ve been on that show, too. But here is Harvey everywhere, pushing Bobby D.!Who historically hates this sort of thing. However, Harvey’s been historically effective with this full-throttle assault on the Supporting Categories before…so…

Does he think that De Niro and the film and director O.Russell and the film, and Bradley Cooperand the film need his help this desperately? Well, I guess yes. When you consider the juggernaut that “Argo” has turned into. And tits-and-ass JLaw would distract from the film’s new-found VERY serious message about manic-depression?

But if it REALLY is an “Argo” sweep, the fifth nominee Alan Arkin could be swept in, too….Well, we’ll see what the BAFTAs do this weekend.If the BAFTAS are at all relevant this crazy year! I’m beginning to think that even Daniel Day Lewis might be vulnerable now…As the season wears on and on and on and the voting does not start til Friday!

Lot’s of time for Oscar voters to THINK(always a dangerous proposition in Hollywood)
And for Harvey Weinstein to CAMPAIGN!

But there’s Never a dull moment when Harvey’s around.

And this all would be soooo boring without him.

AND nobody does this better than he.

Buteven HE couldn’t get Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter Supporting Oscar wins for “The King’s Speech” the year when it seemed destined to win EVERYthing… So he’s NOT infallible, but…
Everything he said about Robert De Niro’s being a hero of New York is TRUE.

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