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VIA Rail’s Lovely Elaine McColloch Explaining the Joys of Canadian Train Travel

Thinking of traveling…Always…And as explained to me last year in the brand new Panorama Lounge at Toronto’s new refurbished Union Station, by VIA Rail’s lovely spokesperson Elaine McCollouch, it sounds irrestible!

James McAvoy via Satellite on “Arthur Christmas”

Is there any star more Christmas-y that Scottish charmer┬áJames McAvoy? Calling me via satellite from London, James was all aglow about the coming Holiday Season and the fact that his new animated film “Arthur Christmas” is about to open everywhere, like Santa Claus, the charming James is about to be everywhere at once. The film opens next week. Same day as “The Artist,” “My Weekend with Marilyn,” and “Hugo”! WOW! What a festive filmic day that is going to be!

James is a father now. He has a new little boy, the year and a half year old son, who he says, “Is too young to notice about Christmas yet. But NEXT year!”

He also mentions that a sequel to the box-office blockbuster “X-Men” first class is being planned with himself and Michael Fassbender back to repeat their roles as Professor X & Magneto!

My Christmas-y interview with James, who I’ve now interviewed I think at least five times, will be coming soon on www.youtube.com/StephenHoltShow.

Just in time for Christmas, I hope.

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