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Why Tom Hooper’s DGA win clinches Oscar for “King’s”

Tom Hooper, the winner of last night’s DGA award for Best Director for a Feature Film, for “The King’s Speech” has all but clinched the winning streak that has now become I guess you could say the Royal Flush of the Oscars.

For those of you who don’t follow this as avidly as I do, the Director’s Guild win is almost ALWAYS what wins the Best Director Oscar also.

And whoever wins the Best Director Oscar will also most probably win the Oscar for Best Picture.

Things are looking very rosy for TKS this morning. Hollywood time.

Hollywood time is now Oscar time, esp. at this time of year and on top of all this hoopla there’s the SAG Awards tonight.

With this winning streak which equals MOMENTUM, “The King’s Speech” will very probably win the SAG Best Ensemble Award, which is the Screen Actor’s Guild Award equivalent of their Best Picture.

And how has this changed the Oscar race? Well, Oscar goddess Sasha Stone called this as noted a post or two back. And now she, the Oracle of Delphi of Oscar predictors, is saying that she sees an Oscar SWEEEEP happening for “The King’s Speech.” It got TWELVE nominations this past Tuesday, which now seems like AGES ago.

It’s very, very exciting when things change so radically and so suddenly. Sasha is even predicting that Geoffrey Rush will trounce Christian Bale tonight! And you all know that I HOPE HE DOES!

What you may not know that G. Rush(you can see me interviewing him, and Hooper and the pre-ordained Best Actor winner Colin Firth[who’s been winning everything under the sun] on www.youtube.com/StephenHoltShow) is that he was also one of the main producers on TKS. He was literally the driving force behind it being turned into a movie.

And last night, just FYI, Rush jumped to THIRD place on my You Tube hit-getter chart. Colin Firth is number one and the lovely Marion Cotillard is STILL #2. That’s my pre-Oscar interview with Marion for “La Vie En Rose” in May of that year, when she first landed on our shores. This is one the private statistical graphs and charts that each You Tube User has. It’s very telling!

So that shows me that TKS sweep is even reaching as far as my You Tube channel! Talk about a grass-roots ground-swell!

But seriously folks…

I just hope this sweeps Helena Bonham-Carter in, too, as Best Supporting Actress tonight at the SAGs!

This win for the affable, polite, soft-spoken and self-effacing Hooper is another indicator that Nice Guys don’t always finish last.

Melina Rysik of the NYTimes, no less. the Carpetbagger of their Oscar blog, tweeted that the minute Hooper’s name was announced David Fincher, who everybody THOUGHT would win, immediately left the Director’s Guild ballroom! Reminding me of when Eddie Murphy fled the Oscar Hall when they announced Allan Arkin as the winner of Best Supporting Actor that year and not Murphy for “Dreamgirls”!

The surprise Producers’ Guild win many in the blogosphere thought of perhaps as a fluke. And that was only THIS PAST SUNDAY! Then Tuesday the 12 nominations more than any other film! But some felt that could be shrugged off, too…Not me, of course, but when someone who’s been SUCH a staunch supporter of “The Joy of Typing”, Sasha Stone predicted Tom Hooper was going to take it, well, I simply couldn’t believe my eyes! www.awardsdaily.com

Then Kris Tapley did, too! www.incontention.com

And well, hallelujah! They (and I ) were all right!

This makes David Fincher, the new Martin Scorcese. There’s an arrogance about that man that is palpable. And for a relative unknown, and a new comer  to the Director’s Guild, Tom Hooper to triumph is just SHOCKING! SHOCKING! I would like someone to do stats on a first time nominee’s winning like this. Has it EVER happened before to someone who is not known first to H’wood? Robert Redford and Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner were known of course as actors But Tom Hooper?

Who the hell IS Tom Hooper? Well, now he is the hottest director on the Planet of Hollywood. And he’s young, but he’s no neophyte. He helmed the Emmy Award-Winning “John Adams” TV mini-series. Garnering its’ stars Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti Best Actress and Best Actor Emmys…

And he directed a British film “The Damned United” which was very well reviewed last year, but not widely seen.

“The King’s Speech” is breaking box office records all over the world, and will continue to. Another prediction. Harvey Weinstein must be SOOOO happy today!

Of course, the SAGS will honor Colin Firth tonight. And if Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter win tonight over favored front-runners Christian Bale and Melissa Leo, well, then we know we’re really in for a “King’s Speech” awards tsunami!

I’m thrilled! Thrilled!

DGA and SAG awards this weekend. NYC buried in MORE SNOW!

What follows up the Oscar Nominations in this the first Awards Season of my blog? SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW!

It’s not snowing at the moment but there are traces of flurries here and there. It just never seems to STOP snowing! I’ve never seen a January like this! And it’s not over yet! There may be more coming this weekend.

It’s lovely to look at and a great excuse for not going out. Then the dreaded CABIN FEVER sets in!

And you do go out. I had a dentist appointment at a relatively distant location yesterday (but still in Manhattan) and I fell down FOUR times crossing the various street corners which have been plowed or rather NOT been plowed.

The Mayor got the streets plowed this time. But then the snow gets piled PARTICULARLY high on the street corners. And then the sun came out and you were dealing with piles of slush and I did not have the right footwear for this weather! So I was soaked from the ankles down. Shoes and socks were like walking, clinging puddles, they were so thoroughly wet-through.

Moral: Always carry AN EXTRA PAIR OF SOCKS, OR TWO, when going on these marathon treks!

The dentists almost didn’t want to go through with the procedure I was in such a state when I arrived, but they checked my blood pressure and my temperature and everything was shockingly normal, so we all decided to go ahead with it.

I was not wearing gloves (which were in my pocket, d’oh) when I kept falling over, so I was basically putting my bare hands into mountains of  snow, but as shockingly cold as each of these snow grabs were, my hands came up clean! Like I had just washed them!

Another NYC  lesson- take the SUBWAYS not the buses in weather like this.

Today was much better as it was relatively mild and the snow was even more plowed than yesterday and a lot of it had melted. Wednesday night, it went from rain, to snow, to sleet, all within a half hour’s journey.

But New Yorkers are very hardy and the dentists’ waiting area was PACKED yesterday! Nobody, it seemed was missing their appointments!

So, yes, after all the anticipation and hype surrounding the Big Reveal of the Oscar nominations, it’s been pretty much of a lull. The quiet before the storm of Awards this weekend will bring.

The DGA awards which are the Directors Guild, are expected to go with David Fincher for “The Joy of Typing.” It seems pretty much a foregone conclusion. But wait! Sasha Stone, our resident Oscar Goddess, has switched her prediction to TOM HOOPER, the amiable, young director of “The King’s Speech”!?!?! Has momentum shifted as much as I think it has?!? I couldn’t believe Sasha was saying that, but she LIVES in LA, and is like the Oracle of Delphi, and very adamant, and controversially so, this year about TJOT.

So this shift, and her defection for the Gurus o’ Gold, or rather, her abstaining…is well, startling…But Sasha knows what she knows, and being as she herself puts it “in the middle of the maze” I do listen to her…Although this year, I always thought it was “The King’s Speech” right out of Toronto, as all you reading this blog all know.

And Sasha was beyond zealous in her advocating for That Other Movie.

One thing is certain. All season long we AGREED on Colin Firth for Best Actor for “The King’s Speech.”

Now this tectonic(sp?) shift that occurred on Sunday-to-Tuesday morning, with “The King’s Speech” winning the PGA(producer’s guild) in a Awards season shocker. Then it getting 12 Oscar nominations, more than any other film on Tuesday morning, sure shook things up in Bloggerland. But it was something I’ve known all along.

“The King’s Speech” is an EXTRAORDINARY movie. In every aspect. I couldn’t BELIEVE I was being moved so profoundly by a story that on the surface wouldn’t be something that would’ve affected me, and audiences all over the world, like it has been doing. But it does!

Me, I think Tom Hooper’s a bloody genius. And if “The King’s Speech” is going to win Best Picture, as it seems now, it MIGHT, then Hooper should be named Best Director by the DGA.

Hooper also directed the Award-winning TV mini-series a couple of season’s back “John Adams” starring my faves Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti. I really must get a hold of it and see that. Paul and Laura both won Emmys. Hooper directs actors to award-winning performances.

And you know what that means? Actors LOVE him! And Actors are the largest branch of the Academy.

The Director’s Guild is however, a breed apart. When I was predicting the Oscars on my TV show, I shied away from the Best Directors category, because I always found the Directors, en masse, a difficult body to figure out.

By my sites, Tom Hooper is the Best Director of the Year and OMG! Colin’s performance as the stuttering King George VI is, as I told him on my show, “one of the great screen performances.’ And it is! Colin has won just about EVERY SINGLE MAJOR award so far this season.

And then we have the SAG Awards on Sunday night. One of the bothersome things about the DGA is that they don’t start til 8pm West Coast time and the Best Feature Film Director is given out dead last, at around 2AM EST, OR LATER.

Usually, I just pack it in, and wake up to whatever the news may be, on Sunday morning.

Now the SAGS are broadcast(check your local listings) at start at 5pm PST and that’s 8pm here. So it’s easier to do.

Are the SAME FOUR ACTORS going to continue their lock-step to the podium, as Jeff Bridges, Sandra Bullock,  Christophe Walsh, and Mo’nique did last year? If so then we’ll see Colin and Natalie and then Christian Bale and Melissa Leo triumph. But I wonder…

I still maintain that Bale isn’t well liked in the business and Melissa Leo hasn’t gone head-to-head with that monstrosity muppet Hailee Steinfeld yet. And Steinfeld could win here….The buzz is swirling around her. And the buzzards of Hollywood are too.

I don’t get it…but…there it is…

And for Best Ensemble? Which is the SAG equivalent of Best Picture? It’s either “The King’s Speech” or some think “The Fighter.”

EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of SAG, who’s paid their annual dues, can vote in this contest, that a HUGE voting body, and “The King’s Speech” and “The Joy of Typing” are the only two movies sent to EVERY SINGLE MEMBER as a DVD screener.

And if Colin Firth is an actor’s actor, then “The King’s Speech” could very well be considered an Actors’ Actor of a movie. And so…on Sunday…the winner is…Well, it’s probably NOT the “Joy of Typing”. Even Dave Karger at EW www.ew.com.

says it’s either TKS or “The Fighter” but he’s not hearing “The Joy of Typing.”

If “The King’s Speech” wins Best Ensemble and Tom Hooper wins the DGA, it really is all over already. And all I can say is Long Live the King!

And of course, check out the detailed results on www.awardsdaily.com

I wish Sasha and I were in agreement on what we consider the best film of the year, and most years we have been, but not, sadly, this year. But that’s what makes horse races. Which is what the Oscar race is, let’s face it.

DGA announces its’ Nominees for Best Director!

Newsflash, Oscarwatchers! Dear readers, dear cineastes, the all mighty Directors Guild just announced their nominees. Five only. For best director of a motion picture 2010.

This announcement is RRREALLY good news for the nominated directors and their pictures. And bad news for those that are left out.

Some surprises, of course.

Tom Hooper, “The King’s Speech” His first nomination

Christopher Nolan, “Inception” Nominated twice before for “Momento”(one of my top ten films of the DECADE! And also, the Batman sequel “The Dark Knight”)

Darren Aronofsky, “Black Swan” Also a first-time nominee!

and the Big Surprise, the universally not-liked David O. Russell of “The Fighter” shows that yes, they like him, they really like him.

And of course, David Fincher, who was nominated once before for “Benjamin Button” is nominated AGAIN for that Film I Will Not Name.

Surprisingly, no Coens for “True Grit” which is doing so well at the box-office. Also, no Danny Boyle for “127 Hours.” Bad news for those films and though they may make it into the Oscar Top Ten, this puts their actors suddenly in a big of jeopardy, to put it mildly.

Also, no John Cameron Mitchell for “Rabbit Hole.” So Nicolle Kidman look out.

No Lisa Cholodenko for “The Kids Are All Right” and no Debra Granik for “Winter’s Bone.” So all male nominees. No women at all after last year’s great breakthrough triumph of Katherine Bigelow winning Best Director for “The Hurt Locker.”

Also out, I’m now thinking is Matt Damon for “True Grit” although Jeff Bridges and the awful tyke Hailee Steinfeld seem in the stronger positions in their categories.

Also, no Tony Goldwyn for “Convinction.” Not good news for Hillary Swank. Though I think the never nominated Sam Rockwell could surprise in Supporting.

Also, not good for James Franco’s Best Actor chances of “127 Hours.” I think he’ll get a nomination but without a directing nomination, “127 Hours” is in a much weaker position than it was yesterday. Although people aren’t going to it.

I think these five gentlemen are IN LIKE FLINT though as Nominees for Best Director at the Oscars.

Congratulations to Tom Hooper for “The King’s Speech” who is the one who named me the Oscar Messenger, let’s not forget!

This group of five men are locked and loaded. So now we know…

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