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Oscar Changer “Selma” Gets Standing O at AFI Fest

Selma 1

Last night’s double whammy of a double bill at the AFI Fest in LA netted a standing ovation from the industry/cinephile crowd for “Selma,” reports Steve Pond at the Wrap. http://www.thewrap.com. And a kind of meh reaction to Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” which followed it.

Chris Tapley of HitFix http://www.hitfix.com one of the foremost Oscarologists(and one of the youngest,too) thinks that this could be an Oscar game changer and that “Selma” a Martin Luther King biopic, co-produced by Oprah Winfrey and starring David Oyelowo could be a best picture contender as well as a Best Actor nomination in that crowded race. Oyelowo plays Martine Luther King.His star has been consistantly rising in the past two years.

Also interesting and exciting is filmmaker Ada DuVernay’s chance at a Best Director nod. This would be the first and only time an African-American woman could be up in that male-dominated category.

“Selma”s standing ovation was in stark contrast to the rather tepid reaction to Eastwood’s Oscar ontender “American Sniper” which immediately followed it.

So on the Oscar roller coaster, I would have to say that “Selma” is definitely on an Up this morning, and “American Sniper” is a Down.

Tapley praised Bradley Cooper’s performance in “Sniper” but aren’t we being Bradley Cooper’ed to death recently? With Oscar nominations in the past two years. for “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle”? And “Elephant Man” opening shortly on Broadway, starring again, yes, Bradley Cooper.

We shall see. And I’ll still be surprised if Steve Carrell makes it into the over-crowded Best Actor race with his rabbity, two-dimensional Henry E. DuPont in “Foxcatcher.” Too many Oscar seeking movies with leading actor wannabees and virtually no actresses. As usual…

Chris Tapley joins Sasha Stone in Predicting TOM HOOPER to win the DGA!

NEWSFLASH! I just checked the excellent Oscar site www.incontention.com

and Chris Tapley, whose site it is, has now ALSO switched his prediction to TOM HOOPER of “The King’s Speech” to win Best Director tomorrow night at the DGA!

That is not, of course, the pre-ordained choice of LAST week, which would, of course, be David Fincher. Of “The Joy of Typing.”

This after Sasha Stone was going that way, too. On www.awardsdaily.com

And who am I to disagree? Tom Hooper! FTW!

Chris points out that the DGA ballots were just due in today, or was it yesterday? So they had the advantage (inspiration?) of knowing how the PGA went down on Sunday and the 12 Oscar nominations for the “King’s Speech” on Tuesday.


And I’m still seeing snow flurries!

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