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“Breaking Bad” just won Best Actor & Best Series on Golden Globes!

Well, I’m glad I stayed for this. Bryan Cranston, one of the greatest actors to ever grace a TV screen in American just won Best Actor for his historic Walter White in “Breaking Bad” and then “Breaking Bad” won Best TV series and I stay tuned long enough to hear Aaron Paul, yell at the assembled Golden masses “Yeah, bitch!” THAT was worth it…I thought from now until 10pm it was all going to be just boring TV show awards, until the 10:00 mark when they start giving out all the film awards.

Amy Poehler seemed OK but Tina Fay seemed off her game as the co-hosts. Er…

Steve Coogan, a recent guest on “The Stephen Holt Show,” introduced his film “Philomena” with the REAL Philomena Lee on his arm. Nice. Touching. Classy.

Now All is REALLY Lost, Alex Ebert just won “Best Score” for his unmemorable music for “All Is Lost”…Does this mean Robert Redford is going to win Best Actor Drama??? Hans Zimmer’s score for “12 Years” and T-Bone Burnett’s great work on “Inside Llewyn Davis.”

Bono and the Edge just won Best Song….For “Mandela”, “Ordinary Love” I liked the film but don’t remember the song AT ALL.

The Golden Globes stay true to their star-f**ker reputation. Why am I surprised?

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