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Oscar God Dave Karger on Red Carpet Predicts “Boyhood” and Julianne for Golden Globes Win

On this year’s red carpet Oscar God Dave Karger talking to E! News predicts “Boyhood” for Best Picture Drama and Julianne Moore for Best Actress Drama for “Still Alice.”

All the young actresses look more alike than ever.

Amy Adams in a blue-gray gown that makes her lookDave Karger 1 as though she already lost.Her hollow-eyed forlorn look ads to that impression.(For Best Actress Comedy/Musical for “Big Eyes.”)

Jessica Chastain, nominated for Best Supporting Actress for “Most Violent Year” looks stunning.

“Argo” Wins Best Picture Drama! I like this! “Les Miz” the big winner with 3 Globes!

“Argo”!Yes, it’s “Argo” and yes, it’s over! FINALLY! But it got very exciting towards the end of this INTERMINABLE awards show. Blogging makes it go slower, but it’s done. And I’m glad I was able to share it with you, dear readers, dear cineastes! Please let me know if it was good for you, too.

The Golden Globes chose “Argo” as the Best Picture Drama over “Lincoln,” the expected winner and frontrunner with 7 Golden Globe nominations and 11 Academy Award noms. I was shocked! SHOCKED! But delighted! As “Lincoln” is a big sleeping pill, IMHO.

“Argo” got two awards as far as I’m counting. But “Les Miserables” got THREE!!! The Most Golden Globes tonight!!! OMG!!!!

“Les Miserables” won Best Film Comedy or Musical, Best Actor in a Comedy-Musical Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway for Best Supporting Actress.

“Silver Linings Playbook” got Best Actress in a Comedy-Musical for Jennifer Lawrence.
J- Law, as she’s called on the Intenet, gave a very nice, funny speech was clearly and warmly welcomed to her first Golden Globe trip to the podium. As were Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. I think that wave of affection is going to carry all three of them through to the Oscars.

There was a distinct feeling of reserve when Daniel Day Lewis won and the fact that “Lincoln” LOST SIX Golden Globes means something, awards-wise.

And that reserve was felt, too, with Jessica Chastain who was lovely, dignified, inntelligent, and regal.And VERY serious. But a little cool…compared to J-Law.

“Django” unchained two Golden Globes, one for Best Supporting Actor, for Christophe Waltz, and one for Best Screenplay for Quentin Tarantino.

So “Django” got more Globes than “Lincoln”. This was a very bad night for “Lincoln,” but a very good one, an INCREDIBLE one for “Les Miserables” who came out as the big winner with THREE Golden Globes! Incroyable!

Now if something like this happens at the SAGS…I expect Hugh Jackman to win in an upset for Best Actor against Daniel Day Lewis at the SAGS and Jennifer Lawrence to win over Jessica Chastain. There. I said it.

And Anne Hathaway will repeat her win, too,in Best Supporting Actress. But who will win Best Supporting Actor is now the big question?

Phillip Seymour Hoffman won the Broadcast Film Critics Award THURSDAY. He must’ve had some tip that he wasn’t going to win tonight, because he didn’t even turn up! And Tommy Lee Jones, who I thought would win, didn’t. He looked soooo angry.

But what a WONDERFUL night for “Les Miserables”! I’ve seen it four times! I think I’ll go again! And soon!

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