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“Boyhood” Wins Best Picture at BAFTA! Julianne Moore Wins Best Actress!

Linklater 1It’s all over! The BAFTAS, I mean. And “Boyhood” pulled out a much-needed victory for Best Picture as well as noted earlier, Best Director for Richard Linklater and Best Supporting Actress for Patricia Arquette.

Julianne Moore won Best Actress, as she has won all Awards season-long for “Still Alice” an immaculate, moving performance as a brilliant Columbia University prof who is experiencing early on-set Alzhemeimers disease.

“The Theory of Everything” tied with “Boyhood” for number of wins. Three. Best Actor, Eddie Redmayne, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best British Film, as noted earlier.

And the most wins was “The Grand Budapest Hotel” with five. Including Best Screenplay, Best Costumes, Best Production Design, Best Score and Best Hair and Make-Up.

“Birdman” which won big last night at the DGA Awards(Directors Guild) only got one, Best Cinematography, which is kind of shocking, but not to me. I thought “Birdman” was going to turn out to be this year’s “American Hustle.” And it certainly suddenly looks that way. At least at the BAFTAs.

This is the last big awards before the actual Oscars themselves on Feb.22. Can’t wait!


DGA Nominees! Eastwood IN, Eva DuVernay OUT!

Budapest TildaBradley 1The DGA, the Director’s Guild of America, just announced its’ VERY important and telling slate of five nominees. They are a large,sprawling organization. As opposed to the Academy’s Director’s Branch which only has less than 400 members. Ava DuVernay, the African-American director of “Selma” was snubbed as once again the DGA did not get sent any screeners in time to see it. Shame Paramount, shame! Your biggest Waterloo continues…

Here’s the nominess-

Richard Linklater “Boyhood”

Clint Eastwood “American Sniper”

Alejandro Inarritu “Birdman”

Wes Anderson “The Grand Budapest HoteL’

and the surprise of surprises, the unknown Norwegian director Morten Tyldum for “Imitation Game”!!!

Next up ~ The OSCAR NOMINATIONS themselves will be up bright and early on Thursday morning!Boyhood 2


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