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Bette Midler did indeed win Best Actress in a Musical for “Hello, Dolly!” She wore a slinky blue/green sequin dress and gave a long, heartfelt speech. Glenn Close presented her the award.

However, I feel awful for Josh Groban, Laura Linney, and everyone involved with “Natasha, Pierre…” They had 12 Tony nominations and only received one win…Very depressing…but congratulations to Michael Aranov!!!!! I knew you could do it, Michael!!!!

Good night!

Cynthia Nixon looked pretty in pink and she was lovely, moving, and angry, as she made the first political speech of the night, which surprised me, and was totally right on.

Poor Paula Vogel just got to make a short speech about her beautiful play “Indecent.” Wearing a shimmering, light blue tuxedo jacket, she matched Gavin Creel’s tux. But her outstanding Best Play Nominee deserved more than this brief sound bite.

The now closed “Falsettos” Best Revival of a Musical nominee strutted its’ stuff with a re-united original cast including the red-hot duo of Andrew Rannells and Christian Borle.

An ebullient Gavin Creel wearing a light green bow-tie and tuxedo that turned blue when he went up onstage to accept his first TONY Award for “Hello, Dolly!” for Best Featured Actor in a Musical. He thanked his college where he first studied theater in the Midwest.

Best Revival of a Musical nominee”Miss Saigon” follows with a big, bang-up choral number with its’ huge Asian cast “This Is the Hour.” Tony Nominee Eva Nobelzada sings the leading role quite beautifully.I really did enjoy this splashy revival, which I saw just the day before yesterday (it seems). There’s been sooooo many great shows this year. And thisrevival of “Miss Saigon” was one of them.


My former guest Michael Aronov just won his first Tony for “Oslo”. A total surprise! But my god, does he deserve it! And he used to live in my building! *faints* Very moving speech about this parents and his one-room apartment which if he entered by the door, he was “in danger of flying out the window.” TRUE STORY! Nobody predicted Michael but I want to link to my interview with him eight years ago where I said, “He was one of the great actors of his generation.” And now everybody knows I was right! http://www.youtube.com/StephenHoltShow

I think this means “Oslo” now a lock to win Best Play.

Kevin Spacey sang AND danced an electric opening number spoofing all the nominated Best Musicals. Hysterical! The TONYS 2017 off to a good start! I’m amazed!

How can the wonderful Laura Linney not win Best Actress for her dual roles in “Little Foxes” tonite at the Tonys? She’s won both major precursor awards to Best Actress in a Play, the Outer Critics Circle Award and the more important than ever Drama Desk award?

It’s VERY rare and unusual for a performer to win both those awards and then not win the Tony, too, in their category. In fact, it’s never happened before. And not only that Linney is playing TWO widely divergent roles in “Little Foxes”, the scheming Regina and the alcoholic, fragile Birdy, and she is superb in both.

And not only that, this historic double-teaming of actresses alternating playing Regina and Birdy on different nights (with Cynthia Nixon) has never before occurred on the Broadway stage, though men have been doing it since Sir Laurence Olivier and Sir John Gielgud exchanged Romeo and Mercutio their youths in England at the Old Vic.

Add to that that Laura Linney thought up this whole striking, switching deal in the first place. And it’s been wildly successful And not only that Linney is one of the most beloved actresses in our midst right now. She has no enemies, no detractors and her late father was the playwright Romulus Linney, whom the Linney theater in the Signature Space Off Broadway on W.42nd Street is named after. And Laura herself confided in me once, “My father’s spirit is in that theater.”Her main competition is without a doubt Laurie(not Laura!)Metcalfe who is playing a very divisive Nora in “A Doll’s House, Part Two.” In the past several weeks, the publicity team behind “A Doll’s House” has mounted a huge campaign for her, and for the play, too.  But this is Broadway, not Hollywood, where such last minute antics as these are looked askance at by the voters, to say the least. A single set, four actors and only 90 minutes, it still seemed like an eternity to me. And the writing of the play is sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. You don’t know if you are in the early part of the 20th century, or the early part of the 21st.  And Metcalfe plays it often like her character of the sister on “Roseanne” IOW like a sit-com. She’s been nominated three times before for a TONY and never won, just like Linney. So it’s an even playing field as far as the “Overdue” factor is concerned.

Laura Linney has never won a Tony or an Oscar though as I said she’s been nominated three times already for both. This certainly looks like it’s going to finally be her year.
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I attended the Public Theater’s latest offering “Julius Caesar” last night in their outdoor Delacourte Theater, and I am embargoed from writing a review of it until 11pm Monday Night.

But this is what I can do.

I can send a special Stephen Holt Show Shout out to the following whose names are buried in the very BACK of the hefty, glossy program. And they are _

Matt Baguth, Raul Ramon Belcomo,Laura Borgwardt, Ethan Botwick,Estaban Barcoma,Nic Casaula, Caerwon Clarke, George Colligan, Mia Walsh Corbett, Cassandra Cushman, William Donovan, Tama Faiilianga, Deon Frank, Amanda Cate Fuller, Christopher Garofalo, Ian Garrity,Logan Georges, Morgan Hahn,Andrew Harriss, Kana Hatakeyama, Jeff Hathcoat, Buck Hinkle, Marley Nykole, James, Josh Jeffers,Karen Johal,Diana Lauren Jones,Logan Keeler,David H. Littleton, Reagan Lopez, Leslie Marseglia, Maribel Martinez, Nadege Matteis, Katie Morrill, Keaton Morris-Stan, Catherine D. Mullins,Jon L Peacock, Cheryl Pickett, Isabelle Pierre, Mark Puchinsky, Melissa Rakiro, Kyra Riley, Arisael Rivera, Joshua Salavador,Rachel Schmeling, Monique ST.Cyr,Michael Patrick Trimm, Nicole Vasquez, Loran F.Walker,Toran White, Conor William Wright, Janie Ye.

And last but not least, Gideon McCarty, who actually is credited in the Cast List of the Program. Oh and Erick Betancourt, too. And my favorite new name on Broadway, Dash King.

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Looking forward to Live Blogging the TONYS tomorrow night!

Photo by Rebecca Levy

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