a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Love Rachel Weisz! Always have. She’s one of the best actresses we have today and yet she’s never won a BAFTA on her home turf of Great Britain. But she did tonight for “The Favourite” for Best Supporting Actress.

Oscar Nominee Rachel Weisz as the dastardly delicious villainess in “The Favourite”

Will she prevail at the Oscars in this very much up-in-the-air category? She’s already won one, again in the Supporting Actress category for “The Constant Gardener” way back when at the beginning of her film career.

She was a slam dunk that year and didn’t really that year and didn’t have much competition, but she does this year from home town favorite Regina King in “If Beale Street Could Talk.” An African-American actress who was unknown to me until she got this nomination, King has gone on to win both the Golden Globe and the Critics Choice Award. However, she was not nominated for the SAG Award which wonderful Emily Blunt won in a surprise(But not to me) for “The Quiet Place.” King was also not nominated for the BAFTA and tonight Weisz staked her formidable claim for this year’s Supporting Actress trophy.

Very conscious of diversity, King is not the slam dunk she seems because also in this category this year is Mexican actress Marina de Tavira for the film that everyone is tauting as the presumptive Best Picture Winner Alphonso Cuaron’s masterwork “Roma.” She gives a wrenching performance as the distraught, abandoned doctor’s wife, whom Jalitzia Apericio’s nanny, Cleo, is working for. She acts in Spanish AND English and is one of Mexico’s most esteemed and successful actresses. Unlike Jalitza, whose first film this is.

Mexican actress and Oscar Nominee Marina De Tavira of “Roma”

Two Oscar Nominees of “Roma” Jalitzia Apericio and Marina De Tavira

Academy Voters, who have their ballots in their hot little hands right now might just want to give the hotter-than-hot “Roma” an Acting Award, or two, to go with all the accolades they are going to be throwing at Cuaron’s great film. Which might very well help unknowns like Marina De Tavira and even Jaliztia Apericio, too.

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