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Oscars and Marina de Tavira

Poor Emily Blunt! This, I imagine, is how she looked this morning as the list of the Oscar Nominees was read!

She was left off TWICE! And s0mebody named Marina De Tavira was put it her place! How awful! No Best Actress(f0r her lovely Mary Poppins) and no Best Supporting Actress for silently giving birth in a bath in “A Quiet Place.”

Who just does this Marina de Tavira? And who does she think she is? And this unknown Mexican actress may have just turned the entire Oscar race upside down! Or “turning it turtle” as Meryl Streep so memorably sings it in “Mary Poppins.”

Yalitza Apercio (left) dines with Marina de Tavira & kids in “Roma.”

Marina De Tavira is a highly respected and accomplished Mexican stage and screen actress who plays the distraught, disconsolate, beleagued young mother who is abandoned by her successful doctor husband in what is probably the year’s most acclaimed film “Roma.”

Alfonso Cuaron, who was just nominated himself for an astonishing FOUR Oscars(director/writer/cinematographer/producer) brought Marina and her non-actress peasant nanny co-star Yalitza Apercio Everywhere that he went since he began campaigning at every press event imaginable since the film’s release. In English or in Spanish, it didn’t matter since Marina (and he) speak both, although Yalitiza speaks only Spanish. And Cuaron always thanked the BOTH of them. So Academy voters were seeing and hearing her name all season.

In addition to creating a masterwork of cinema, in the process Cuaron is bringing the positive side of his homeland, Mexico, the United States when America really needs to become acquainted with all the positive sides of Mexicali life that is possible. And “Roma” does this beautifully.

And the fact that it’s subtitled and in Black and White and Spanish can only serve to bring our two countries closer.

My Spanish isn’t that great, but I understood every single little thing that was happening in “Roma.” I can’t wait to see it continue its triumphant march to the Dolby in February.

I ‘ve even witnessed De Tavira’s charming, extremely elegant presence at the press conference at the New York Film Festival this year, where it was my great pleasure to see “Roma.” I can’t stop talking about this incredible film. Every time I see Yeletiza Apericio’s angelic face, I have to stop myself from bursting out crying.

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