a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

One of the great delights of a film critic’s life is to suddenly fall down an artistic rabbit hole one rainy wind-swept night in the West Village and be absolutely delighted by the talent that he finds there. Such was the case of the short film “The Bump,” a cute-meet romantic comedy that is the rarest of rava avis these days. A delight. Who does delightful any more? Why this uber talented crew of NYU Grad Acting and Juilliard grads, that’s who. It was playing at the Village Cinema as part of their Short Film Festival.

The wonderful combo of Jeff Biehl and Diane Davis were unforgettable. Under the super expert direction of Michael Izquierdo, working from an original script also by Ms. Davis. I keep coming back to that word delight, and “The Bump” just filled me with helium, as only really funny, intelligent comedies can. I laughed so much I thought I would float away!

Biehl and David meet cute in a coffee shop(above) in Brooklyn(?) Queens(?) Wherever. It is a social media hook-up and they’ve never met before. Quips Biehl, “Not to be superficial or anything, but thank you for looking like your profile picture .”

Davis, “I know. The last guy on Tinder had a picture from 1984”

Biehl replies “I bet you were pretty rad 20 years ago.”

Davis says “I did rock a pretty awesome bull cut.”

Biehl, “I had hair!”

Red-headed, red-bearded, bald Biehl I always felt was one of America’s finest young actors, and he has certainly had a versatile career thus far that proves it. I remember him vividly from Juilliard when he was “Sir Patient Fancy.”Here he exhibits that tremendously apt comic skill that  Davis matches him for beat for beat. And she wrote this snappy script, too!

I won’t reveal the twist, er, the “Bump” in their road, but suffice it to say, this unique comic cupcake of a film left me hungry for more. The two of them are a match made in comedy heaven.

And Diane Davis, now that Woody Allen has gone down in flames, we need you to step up to the plate and take over the world, as I’m sure you will! Bravo to all!


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