a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

I’m very, very happy to be announcing that I will be covering the prestigious and always exciting New York Film Festival this year. 2018 aims to be bigger and better than ever, with many surprises in store. Though very tightly curated and small compared to Toronto, for instance, or Cannes, New York always manages to pick the peak of the crop.

I saw Agnes Varda’s lovely multi-award-winning charming doc “Face Places” (“Visages Villages”) there last year and M. Varda was there, too.As well as the edgy, wonderful “Florida Project”, “Last Flag Flying” and many, many others.

The centerpiece film is the highly anticipated Alphonse Cuaron’s “Roma”, in black and white AND 30 mm. It certainly seems like something that can’t be missed.

And as the NYFF announces more of their films, I’ll be bringing them to you, too. On Awardsdaily.com, I’m very proud to saw.

Last year they had the wonderful “Wonder Struck” which I seemed to be the only person who was glad he saw it, but I loved it.

Dual story of two deaf children in different eras colliding in the Big Apple, with a devastating performance by Academy Award Winner Julianne Moore. It’s definitely worth checking out.

It made hardly a blip at the box-office. I guess it must have been the difficult subject of the hearing impaired.

The NYFF also does not shy away from controversy and ended with Woody Allen’s beautiful, wonderful “Wonder Wheel” in which Kate Winslet’s magnificent star turn was not to be missed. Filmed at Coney Island by Vittoria Storaro, in dreamy saturated colors, it got unfairly lost in all the back-lash from the Me, too controversy, though it was not really involved in that fracas, except that Woody Allen directed it.

What will the NYFF bring in 2018? Lots of wonderful cinematic events of every stripe and color. I can’t wait!

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