a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Well, the Oscars started off with a bang tonight when the first award went to my old friend Sam Rockwell for his superb performance in “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri.” I always wanted to know what it was like to have friends be up for Oscars. And this year I had THREE! And they alllll won! Sam, and Frances McDormand and Allison Janney, they ALLLLL won!

They also had in common that they were once solidly based in New York, then they all moved to L.A. and all found success there. Well, Frances didn’t. She still lives here, and I bet Sam and Allison are based in L.A. Allison has a TV  series “Mom.” She said in the press room after she got offstage, words to the effect that thank god, she had “a job to go to in the morning. After such an up as this, I’m going to experience a big drop.” And I appreciated her honesty.

In think Fran is just happy this ordeal, as I’m sure she would describe it is over. And she and her husband and son just hopped into a limo and sped off to wherever home is for them out there in L.A. L.A. land. Now she has two Oscars. Should she try for three? She seems to have the energy of at least ten people.

And to win against such stiff, popular younger competition! I look forward to years of great performances and from Sam, too. He’s hotter than hot right now and has already got two films finished and in the can and in one of them, he plays George Bush!

And he was very, very close to the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman. His death must have really been a heavy blow for Sam, as it was to all who knew “Phil,” as they all called him. He was Phillip’s protégé, friends say.

And certainly, his legacy lives on in the excellent work Sam ALWAYS does. Have you ever seen a film called “Moon?” He was an astronaut stranded alone on the moon. He was awesome in it. It was an Indie film, and not at all like Matt Damon’s recent Mars film. And it wasn’t funny. It was about loneliness. There isn’t anything Sam can’t play and he will be asked now to play EVERYTHING. An Oscar win like this really cements his career. He’ll never be out of work again, unless HE wants to.

But I’m disappointed that “Three Billboards” didn’t win Best Picture, and that “Call Me By Your Name” only got one Oscar, Best Adapted Screenplay. But at least it got that.

And while I LIKED “The Shape of Water.” I did. I really did.  I liked “Three Billboards” better. And poor Martin McDonagh got shafted, but he has another play Off Broadway right now called “The Hangman” and I’m so sure he’ll be back with more.

“The Hangman” is already planning a Broadway transfer. I can’t wait to see it!

I hate to say poor Greta Gerwig, but….she won nothing. It’s more like “Poor Laurie Metcalf”. But Laurie’s opening soon on Broadway playing the lead in Edward Albee’s “Three Tall Women.” So she’ll be OK. And she’s back on the air before very long in the returning “Roseanne.”

It’s bittersweet. Knowing those three people as well as I do. Or let’s be honest, those acquaintances that I know very well. Acquaintances aren’t your friends. Not really. But it’s nice to know them, and see how they all handle going through the Oscars.

Allison and Fran seemed nervous wrecks. But Sam was JUST FINE! And good luck to all the winners! I hope one day to have you on my show again. Or that we are working on a play of mine someday. Well, I can dream, can’t I? They’ll all be busy forever.


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