a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

The quirky, very original comedy/horror movie/racial drama “Get Out” just won the highly prized Writers Guild Award. It won over “Lady Bird” which I predicted would happen. If this repeats at the Oscars, “Lady Bird” won’t win this category, and therefore strengthens the chances of Laurie Metcalf to win Best Supporting Actress.It’s the Year of the Woman and they have got to give “Lady Bird” which has come to symbolize the #Me,too movement, although that is not what that charming High School comedy is about._I hear all the actresses might be wearing black again.As they did at SAG, where “Lady Bird” again won nothing.

Francess McDormand Close-Up

Of course, Frances McDormand of “Three Billboards” won Best Actress there, and you can’t find a stronger role for a woman there. I consider it one of the greatest roles ever written for an actress on screen. “Three Billboards” was not up for a Writer’s Guild Award because it’s considered a British film so therefore it wasn’t eligible.

It WILL however most likely be nominated in this category against “Get Out” now for sure,and “Lady Bird.”

In other writing award news, this time, the Scripter, James Ivory won for Best Adapted Screenplay for “Call Me By Your Name.” It is very well going to be the same at the Oscars. That would be the legendary Ivory’s Call Me By Your Name 8first win, believe it or not.


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