a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Ok, the 23rd Annual Critic’s Choice Awards Show has started on the CW, and the first award is – a surprise! Already! What’s the rest of this lonnng show going to be like? “The Big Sick” just won Best Comedy over “Lady Bird!” That’s the Kamail Nanjiani rom-com with a twist. The Boyfriend is Pakistani and the girl is in a coma. I liked it. A lot.

This is always held in Ca. in a large, unattractive airplane hanger. And they have waaaay too many useless or silly categories, but the stars keep turning up. And the Broadcast Film Critics are my peeps after all, aren’t they?

And we DO see all the movies. Which makes us more informed, right? More insightful, surely.

Best Supporting Actor being presented by Diane Kruger and Joseph Fiennes. To Sam Rockwell, who is in New York rehearsing SNL, so he is not there. Don’t miss a minute of SNL this weekend. I’m sure Sam is going to cement his star status there. He’s a chameleon. He can play anything.

Best Supporting Actress ~ Allison Janney for “I, Tonya”. Long, floor length gown sparkling blue gown. This is the second big award for Allison. This bodes very well for her. But will she win the BAFTA before the Oscar? The SAG? She said she won this award for being “the tallest.” And quipped that John Simon once called her “Janet Reno in a wig.” No reaction from the audience. She said “Look it up!”

These awards are beginning to replicate the Golden Globes winners list! I mean, slavishly. All the TV awards which I’m not bothering to cover here. This blog is just about theater, and books and film, but TV not so much.

So this bodes very well for Sam Rockwell and Allison Janney but not so much for “Lady Bird.” At least so far.



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