a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

It’s the little film set in High School about a way-ward teen’s problems with her well-meaning Mom “Lady Bird” that just won the prestigious New York Film Critics Award for Best Picture, as well as Saiorse Ronan’s star turn that is turning her into a star as Lady Bird herself that won Best Actress. Best Actor went to Timothee Chalamet for HIS heart-breaking boy who is finding out he loves a man in “Call Me By My Own Name.” Newsflash! Both of these young actors are playing teens and both are only 21!

The New York Film Critics awarded Best Director to “Florida Project”s Sean Baker and Willem Dafoe won Best Supporting Actor, as the warm hearted motel manager also for “Florida.”

Let it be noted that Laurie Metcalf, the put-upon Mom of “Lady Bird” was named Best Supporting Actress and once again Willem Dafoe was named Best Supporting Actor for “The Florida Project.” Pretty much solidifying Oscar nominations for all these great performers and their films.

The New York Film Critics also named BPM as Best Foreign Film. And I want to just add that I saw soooo many of these award-winning films at the New York Film Festival this year. “BPM,” “The Florida Project,”‘Lady Bird,”and “Call Me By Your Own Name.”

For a complete list of all the winners see http://www.awardsdaily.com

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