a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

If this picture above looks chopped off, that’s because that’s the way I saw Off-Broadway’s “This One’s For the Girls.” I was seated behind a pillar, so only saw half the show, and often half the cast. It’s Off Broadway, so you have to take what you can get. That shouldn’t be the case. Off Broadway’s standards should be as high as any one else’s. But there I was, sitting behind a pillar.

Like for instance, “Where the Boys Are” was played at extreme audience left, so I didn’t see it at all. There were many, many slides upstage illustrating what the all female quartet were singing about, but I could barely see them at all.

I can say that that the female friend I went with enjoyed it immensely. SHE was the audience for this show. Not me. This show made me glad I was gay. And I’m sure that wasn’t the intension of the author Dorothy Marcic.

It was kind of lovely, sometimes, to hear those old songs sung again. The nearly all female audience was going wild, I will say. And that, as the title says, is who the show is for.

There was a distinct lack of charisma on stage. Though some of the songs were sung well, they were sloppily and repetitively chosen by Marcic to show the progress of women through the century through popular songs. A neat idea perhaps, but  less than well executed.Aneesa FoldsNone of them could dance.

The saving grace of the presentation was for me Aneesa Folds, a powerhouse African American singer of ample proportions, vocally and physically. She tore the roof off the St. Luke’s Church/Theatre with her climatic “I Will Survive.” And I was so glad she did! The audience loved her and there was a partial standing ovation. The other three cast members were so lackluster that I won’t even mention them. And haven’t they ever heard of the Bechdel principle(S?)

There was absolutely NOTHING in this show for a male to relate to. At the end, an audience member asked me, “What did you think of this?” And I said, “It made me glad to be gay.”





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