a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Now that’s it’s been publicly announced on the air on PBS tonight on Theater Talk, I can say congratulations to Susan Haskins for winning (her first) Emmy! And she graciously and generously thanked me for introducing her to “the brilliant and impossible Michael Riedel” and she called me a “Public Access Legend.” And the Susan Haskinsterm has stuck. Which has very kind of her.
I now wear a hat that a kind friend gave me for my birthday that says “Public Access Legend”.

Susan, born and bred in Chicago, attended to Sarah Lawrence college. After graduation, she went immediately to La Mama, where she became part of her two gay professors, John Braswell and Wilford Leach’s E.T.C. company, which did experimental musicals based on classics.

She appeared Off Broadway in their “Bar That Never Closes” at the Astor Place Theater, and in my first play “The Babs ‘n’ Judy Show” were I presciently cast her in the role of a TV Director.

Later in her career, she became a casting director, and was a regular book-reviewer and co-hostess on my long-running (30 years! and counting) cable access television show “The Stephen Holt Show.”
There’s almost no woman who. against all odds/ has done so much for American Theater. She’s been doing it for 25 Years.
Especially when there’s so little coverage of theater anymore in NYC. She’s doing what Ed Sullivan used to do. Congratulations, Susan!


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