a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Here are this year’s winners. A mixed bag indeed. Will any of them make it through the year’s various trials and tribulations that films have to endure to get to the end? Er, I mean, the Oscars. Well, usually from Cannes, they don’t.

Though my eyes are on Lynne Ramsey’s “You Were Never Really There” which scored Best Actor for Joaquim Phoenix, who accepted wearing a man bun, and he certainly overdue, and seems quite happy to have won this award.

It sure looks like Joaquim is going to be in the race for Best Actor this year. And I’m betting he’s going to be more amenable to doing the necessary press the Race requires. He’s been notoriously press adverse for years! Remember his “rotten carrot” quote from the last Oscar go-round?Joaquim Phoenix at Cannes

But if he’s happy, I’m happy. Means smooth sailing ahead.

I’m also very happy for New York actress Judith Roberts, who is gaining positive mention for playing his mother.

Also, keep a lookout for Sofia Coppola’s step away from Hollywood(her eternal subject) and into the Civil War(?!?)”The Beguiled” which includes a starry cast of woman, Nicole Kidman & Elle Fanning and many others, seducing and doing god knows what else to Yankee solider Colin Farrell. Sofia Coppola won Best Director! “The Beguiled” is also going to be shown at the Provincetown Film Festival where I go every year.

Sofia Coppola is being honored there as Filmmaker On the Edge. I’m heading there, to Ptown, as fast as I can!Well, here’s the complete list of winners. Make of them what you will…I also want to note that Scottish film maker Lynnne Ramsey won for Best Screenplay for  “You Were Never Really There.”

Most of these films, sad to say, will never reach our shores, but here’s hoping. And PS: Pedro Almodovar was the chairman/head of the jury this year.


Thanks to http://www.awardsdaily.com for this list.


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