a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

lion-1dev-as-lion-1And while we’re on the subject, “Lion” is nominated for Best Picture, too. Yes, and unbelievably there are those in the Academy who do not want to give 14 or 12 or 10 or any nominations to “La La Land,” something as frivolous as can be. In this year of great political upheaval and discontent, many,  besides Meryl Streep, as we witnessed at SAG, want to make a statement. Especially about diversity and inclusiveness, and “Lion” is just the film to do that. And as I said in the last post, which is now positioned on the top of the home page. (I hit the wrong button 😦 again!)

Plus they like giving Oscars to actors who are playing characters based on real people. And neither Emma Stone, Casey Affleck, Denzel Washington, Mahershala Ali  OR Viola Davis are playing real people. They are playing characters. And Dev Patel isn’t. Another strong point in his favor. It ‘s an Academy only quirk. Like holding past Oscar wins against you. See Natalie Portman and Octavia Spencer this year. And Tom Hanks and the list goes on and on. And I’m looking at YOU, Denzel. Your two past Oscars aren’t going to help you win any favors this year.

lion-2And wouldn’t Harvey Weinstein love this turn of events? And if anyone can make it happen, it’s Oscar Master Harvey. So there IS suspense now to this year’s Oscar race which we all thought to be one and done by “La La Land.” Well, maybe things aren’t as cut and dried as we think. And that little orphan boy wandering through the slums and train yards of India? Who can resist THAT? AND Nicole Kidman as Mom and Rooney Mara, yes, she’s in this film, too. Finally playing a role that is just right for her, and endearing to boot, the devoted heterosexual girlfriend.dev-patel-and-rooney

AND it’s got a DGA nomination. It didn’t win, but….well there’s more to this story that meets the eye.

And everyone is crying at the end.


The AMPAS voters are voting now.


So stay tuned.nicole-and-child

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