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oscars-2017ruth-negga-1I made it. I got up. Watched it. The announcement of the nominations were dull as dishwater. But congratulations to Ruth Negga, pictured above,^ for the devoted wife in “Loving.” The Irish Black actress is the only woman of color in the Best Actress category. Amy Adams of “Arrival” is the one who got squeezed out. Emma Stone in “La La Land”, Natalie Portman in “Jackie”, Meryl Streep “Florence Foster Jenkins” and Isabelle Huppert in “Elle” were the other nominees for Best Actress.

Best Supporting Actor contained the surprise of the morning. Michael Shannon was nominated for “Nocturnal Animals” and not co=star Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who just won the Golden Globe in this category. This breaks an all time stat that says anyone who wins a Golden Globe is definitely going to be nominated for an Oscar. Not anymore. Poor Aaron. But Yay! For Michael who I know and have interviewed many times. The others in this category were Mahershala Ali for “Moonlight”, who is the probable winner, previous winner Jeff Bridges for “Hell or High Water”, Dev Patel for “Lion” and I’m very happy to report that young Lucas Hedges got in for “Manchester by the Sea” squeeeeesing out Hugh Grant. Who therefore STILL remains un-nominated.lucas-hedges-2

Best Actor and Supporting Actress were exactly who I predicted, Viola Davis stayed in Supporting Actress for “Fences” and that move will probably lock down her first Oscar in this category. Also nominated were Michelle Williams for “Manchester by the Sea”michelle-williams-2Octavia Spenser for “Hidden Figures”, Nicole Kidman for “Lion” and Naomie Harris for “Moonlight.”

In Best Actor, the five remained “THE FIVE” Led by Casey Affleck for “Manchester by the Sea”,lucas-hedges-1

manchester-by-the-sea-9Ryan Gosling for “La La Land”, Andrew Garfield for “Hacksaw Ridge”, Denzel Washington for “Fences” and Viggo Mortensen for “Captain Fantastic”.

“La La Land” I think made history with fourteen nominations! The most for any musical EVER!la-la-land-9

And SEVEN actors and actresses of color got in. Ruth Negga, Mahersala Ali, Naomie Harris, Dev Patel, Octavia Spenser, Denzel Washington and Viola Davis another historic record. And three films with African American themes were nominated for Best Picture. “Hidden Figures”, “Fences” and “Moonlight”, the last two having all black casts. And “Lion” having an Indian setting and cast.

Other nominees for Best Picture were “La La Land”, “Manchester by the Sea”, “Moonlight”, “Hidden Figures”, “Hell or High Water”, “Hacksaw Ridge”,”Lion”and “Fences.”

Ali and Davis sure look like they have their two Supporting Oscars sewn up already and can anyone beat “La La Land” with its’ historic nomination haul? I would say it’s already over. The winners being “La La Land” for Best Piicture, Casey Affleck for Best Actor and the lovely Emma Stone for being the beating heart of “La La Land.”

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#La La Land 14 nominations

# Casey Affleck Best Actor Oscar Nomination

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#Mahershala Ali Best Supporting Actor Oscar Nomination

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