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It’s the Eve of the Oscar nomination announcements. And in New York, the weather couldn’t be worse. It’s  cold and rainy. It could be snowing. That might make it romantic, but it’s not. It’s one of those nights that you have to stay in or else. And it’s a Monday, too.

Monday is the deadest night on Broadway, where I more or less live.  Most shows don’t perform on Monday nights. It used to be Sundays were the days the actors in the shows had off, but producers noticed how well they did with Sunday matinees when they tried them. They sure beat Monday nights. So Monday became the dark night on Broadway. And I didn’t plan ahead and have an interesting film to watch on DVD. And there’s nothing on TV, as usual.

So surfing the Oscar sites I find that my home away from home, http://www.awardsdaily.com did a poll of its’ readers regarding the VERY crowded Best Actress race. The OVER crowded best actress race. It’s the first time that I’ve been covering the Oscars that this has happened. Usually, there’s a dearth of choices in this category, but not this year.

And I took the poll and I’m happy to report in outline, the results, which were the same as I announced in my last predictions earlier today. Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Isabelle Huppert and Meryl Streep. In that order. You can go to awardsdaily to see the exact totals and take the poll yourself. It’s fun. It’s gratifying to know that Sasha and I and her readers are still so in sync.

She makes a very good point, as she always does, about how they have to LOVE you to give you the Oscar. And love the film, too.

I was going to write something about poor Emily Blunt, but then I saw “Jitney” on Broadway and loved it and decided to spend my day reviewing it. And also predicting the Oscars.

emily-bluntI have interviewed Emily several times over the years and have watched her grow into one of our greatest screen actresses. She has a SAG nomination and also a BAFTA nom for her role in “Girl on a Train” which I finally caught up with and she’s very, very good in it, but the movie sucks.

Where is Alfred Hitchcock now when we really need him? What the late great Master of Suspense could have done with  this “Girl” we are only left to wonder. Emily is sooooo good in this dramatic role of a depressed, recent divorce who drinks far too much and has almost constant black-outs. It’s  a very interesting role, and I can see why Emily wanted to do it. But there is virtually no suspense whatsoever in this rather drab depressing thriller.

We should’ve been on the edge of our seats but instead we’re looking to get off this slow train to nowhere. Director Tate Taylor basically killed this best seller, which as a novel is still flying off the shelves. Known for directing “The Help,” he needed HELP directing this film. Poor Emily.

So will she win an Oscar nomination for this despite SAG and BAFTA. No. But watch her next outing as a live acting “Mary Poppins.” That’s an award-winning role, see Julie Andrews. But I know Emily takes her acting very seriously, though the public mainly knows her for her comic chops. “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Into the Woods” etc. But in “Girl” she does acquit herself perfectly well, but the film, no cigar. Therefore no Oscar nomination. Not in such a crowded field. AMPAS voters will just not feel the urge to pop a film in their DVD players that has got a Rotten Rating  of something like 43 % from Rotten Tomatoes. Oh well, Emily darling, NEXT year!

And I should be in bed, asleep, so I can get up early and view the Oscar nominations as they are announced. I STILL don’t have an alarm clock but somehow I always wake up in time. And so…to bed!oscars-2017





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