a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

la-la-land-4Justin Herwig, who looks like a kid(perhaps he is) wins Best Score for “La La Land.” And then BEST SONG, TOO!?!? YAY!!! “City of Stars”!!! “For Musical Theater Nerds everywhere!” They say. And they are. And I am too! Well, this is another PHEW award. As pundits around the blogosphere relax.

We all thought these awards, and Out Gay Sarah Paulson’s indelibleĀ Marcia Clark would be awarded. And “The People V. OJ Simpson” too. And now these two “La La Lands” accolades.

I always though “Moonlight” was too gay for the Room. The Room being Hollywood. Remember what happened to “Carol”s hopes and dreams last year.

Viola Davis, now wins Best Supporting Actress for “Fences.” In a beautiful golden dress. And matches the moment with a beautiful speech. Goose bumps. Says “Denzel was playing HER father.” who groomed horses and had a 5th grade education and couldn’t read until he was 15. Thank you August Wilson for telling his story.” Moving tribute to the Max, and this will totally nail her Best Actress Oscar in this, or any category they put her. Awesome.viola-davis-fences-1


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