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fences-8Majorly disappointed by “Fences.” I was shocked. It was lonnnng, talky and boring. I loved it onstage, where it seemed superfast, compelling and poetic. And I saw Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in it and they were electrifying. Here it’s more like Dumbzell, just taking extreme close-ups of himself and talking, talking, talking until he became absolutely tiresome. He’s directed it, too, so it’s Dumbzell taking pictures of himself over and over and over again.fences-1

Thank god for Viola Davis! She makes this gabfest interesting and when the focus shifts to her, the film seems to be directed by a different director, with a whole different directorial technique. Why? Because Dumbzell reverts to Denzel and is objective about her, her incredible talent and her amazing character of Rose, and she WILL win Best Supporting Actress for sure. No wholes barred. Hands down.

She’s stunning in this. Riveting. And Mr. Washington is not.

I was wondering why he wasn’t winning more Best Actor awards and not stopping Casey Affleck in his tracks.  I was wondering why he wasn’t turning up on Best Directors lists and now I know. He can’t direct himself as well as he directs other people.

We get much too much of Denzel the movie star with the gleaming, perfect smile and yes, movie star teeth. I really could strangle him for what he’s done to this wonderful, important play. He’s made it dull. And only Viola will go on to Oscar nomination and win. She’s superb, and overcomes his plodding focus.

Because she’s simply a great actress who you can’t take your eyes off of. Whereas as he’s so methodical and plodding, he shows himself to be nothing more than a good-looking movie star who glides through everything on his charisma as he’s been doing for decades. He already has two Oscars. He certainly doesn’t need a third. Not after directing this great American play as if it were a Selfie.

A+ personality. C+ actor -ing.  And “Fences” is not going to upset any body’s Oscar apple cart. Except poor Michelle Williams, who would be winning Best Supporting Actress for “Manchester by the Sea” if Viola hadn’t made the VERY wise decision to go Supporting, where she’s winning everything so far as Mahershal Ali is for “Moonlight.”

The director of “Moonlight” Barry Jenkins doesn’t bore you. Denzel does, I’m shocked to report. fences-9

I saw this at a public screening with a 95% African-American/Hispanic/Ethnic audience. They talked all the way through the film.

As the film wore on, his character Troy Maxson becomes more and more unlikeable to put it mildly. We discover he’s an asshole and yes, the only good thing he ever did in his life was to marry his wife, Rose. Or in the case of Washington, casting Viola Davis who recreates her stage triumph and saves the film.

Casey Affleck is playing a problematic loser in “Manchester by the Sea,” but director/writer Lonergan and Affleck SOLVE all the character’s many problems by the end of the film, which is why it is so uplifting, despite the depressing subject matter(death) and is why Casey Affleck keeps winning all those accolades, and will continue to do so.viola-davis-fences-1

And so will Viola Davis for reasaons explained above ^


Comments on: "Oscar Disappointment Big Time! “Fences” is long, talky and boring. But Viola will win Best Sup.Actress" (5)

  1. No holds barred

  2. Robert Henderson said:

    I love brother Denzel but that was one boring movie

    • I know, Robert, I know. No one was more disappointed than I. LOVE the stage show. Denzel is grrrrreat when he’s reigned in and directed by somebody else. No nomination for him at BAFTA, either as director or actor. No DGA award. AND it’s underperforming at the box-office to “Hidden Figures.” No, things are not looking good for “Fences.”

  3. boringmovie said:

    Watching this movie with other friends and everybody agrees is annoying haha

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