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spamilton-1I love it! I love it! I LOVE  IT! “Spamilton” Gerard Alessandrini’s magnificent new spoof of Broadway behemoth “Hamilton” has landed! It’s so smart, so funny, so witty, so pointed, it’s like an alien space craft landing. Something from another planet where everything is funnier, faster and better than what’s playing now on the (once) Great White Way(see “Holiday Inn”).

Alessandrini is a national treasure. That’s all there is to it. I don’t know any writer that has made me laugh so consistently over the decades as he has. Some of the happiest times of my life have been spent watching his hysterical shows, as the send up everything onstage that is to be sent. And goodness knows, as a theater critic, you see plenty o’ basket of deplorables. And now he’s decided to take on “Hamilton” and it proves a worthy opponent for his piercing wit.

Alessandrini, of course, is the word wizard who has taken “Forbidden Broadway” through the decades. But he’s never ever devoted his divine debunking to just one show. As so “Spamilton” was born. It’s only 70 minutes worth of mirth, but those 70 minutes are priceless!

And it’s not “Forbidden Broadway” by any means. Although Bernadette Peters, Liza Minelli, and Audra McDonald do make appearances. I even heard Patti La Pone slurring off stage and threatening to come on “in full war paint.” But she didn’t. But don’t worry, nearly everyone else does.

And Lyn-Manuel Miranda is the main target. The creator and original cast member starred as Hamilton himself, and Alessandrini socks it to him in grand manner. I mean, if you’re the newly proclaimed “Broadway Icon” you’d better watch out!  The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune are headed straight at you! Alessandrini skewers EVERYONE. But it’s all in good fun, with just enough malice to make its’ spiked barbs really, really sting.spamilton-3The cast, who all seem to have gotten off the same exact divine space ship of hilarity that Alessandrini did, is from outer space miraculous. Dan Rosales, pictured above, is marvelously rat-like and skinny as a very slimy Lyn-Manuel. Who is constantly spelling out his name. As Hamilton spells out his in the show.  He describes himself, while rapping, of course, as “young, skinny and greedy” and declares “I’m not giving up my weed.” He’s also tagged “Slightly obnoxious” and ragged on that he can’t sing, so he raps.

The rest of the cast is perfection personified and all of them are taller and more attractive than Rosales. Nicholas Edwards, pictured at the top, is a mean Daavide Diggs(sp?) who won a Tony for playing the dual roles of the Marquis Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson IN EXACTLY THE SAME MANNER! Here is is also seen as “The Fresh Prince of Big Hair” in a gigantic afro and  breathtaking in his  revealing, bright, tighty whites and tiny, bespangled vest suddenly morphing into a murderous American Psycho singing “I kill all my friends  in my underpants.”

There’s also a screaming cameo by an unbilled caucasian doing a mean Jonathan Groff take-off singing “A Message from the Queen”. He complains that “Broadway has gone straight” but manages to get the entire audience to sing a refrain of “Gay, gay, gay, gay, GAY!” No, I’m not kidding, really he did.

Bernadette Peters and Liza Minelli beg for tickets. As do Beyonce and J Lo. And Nora Schell plays all three Schuyler sisters at the same time and all the other women’s roles in the show. “Another hundred words just came out of my mouth” as the rapidly rapping Renee Elise Goldsberry who also won a Tony as Angelica Schuyler. No one is spared.

Stephen Sondheim turns up as “The Yoda of Rap” and Chris Anthony Giles is a dead ringer for ANOTHER Tony Winner Lamar Odom, who climaxes the show(with Barbra Streisand) thinking he isn’t going to be “In the Film When It Happens.”

I could go on and on, and I wish “Spamilton” would, too. Right now it’s only scheduled through the New Year at the Triad, but I’m predicting it will run forever! Or at least as long as “Hamilton”!spamilton-2


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  1. Hamilton has been and still is the most successful broadway musical in history!

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