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Paramour 1Sometimes words just fail you. And when confronted with the astounding magnificence of Cirque du Soliel’s current Bway offering, I feel all I can do is gasp ~ in wonderment.Paramour 2The Cirque crew have really outdone themselves with this magnificent entertainment and I would expect no less. It has to top when they did their thing on an island off the coast of New York City, where you had to travel by boat to see them cavort and contort in a circus tent! No really! They really did this and it was sublime.

Cirque has topped themselves yet again with the luscious “Paramour.” They’ve even added songs and a story and acting! It’s the same ole Hollywood fable of a love-torn star here played quite quite commendably by red-headed Ruby Lewis. The redoubtable Ms. Lewis had to hold her own against the massive acrobatics and eye-popping musical numbers as Indigo, a rising novice actress/singer. The thin plot is her conundrum of choosing between the money-mad manager who can make her a star (Jeremy Kushnier) and her true love the handsome tunesmith (Ryan Vona). Guess who wins her love in the end?

Well, enough about the plot. The plot is the last thing that “Paramour” is concerned with, but it’s nice that it’s there. And the singing is even nicer. The very relatable “Writer’s Block/Everything” wows in the Second Act sung magnificently by Vona. And Ms. Lewis has so many show-stopping songs, there’s barely space to list them all. So I refer you to the program or their website.

But it’s the dazzling, eye-popping acrobatics, the circus or Cirque is known most famously for. And it is a circus to end all circuses. Which is the idea. When was the last time I was REALLY at a circus? Childhood, I would say. Ringling Brother/Barnem & Bailey at Madison Sq. Garden in  the 60s.

And the joyous theatrical ambiance and atmosphere pervades the Lyric Theater as if its’ gigantic proportions were built just for this show. It hardly seems big enough to cram the multifarious musical and dance numbers into one proscenium arch.. But they do. Without missing a step or a heartbeat.

Breathtaking is exactly what they do, especially in an aerial pas de deux by blond twin brothers, aerial strap artists Andrew and Kevin Atherton. You have no breath left as you gasp and gasp as the duo fly in death-flying fashion right over the audiences’ heads.Paramour 3 Reed Kelly Paramour 1

And for TV fans, “Paramour” the extra added bonus of the studly singer/dancer/aerialist Reed Kelly of “Survivor San Juan Del Sur” as one of the leading dancers. Reed excels in everything he is called upon to do and like the rest of the cast, that is pretty much everything in the musical comedy/dance/ballet book.He was one of the Spidermen on this very same stage a few years back. And he’s also been on the cover of Time Magazine!

And it’s thrilling to see him so happy, Out and Proud and live onstage in “Paramour.” Reed Kelly, I’m happy to say is no flash in the pan. He puts his heart and soul into every dance step, split, upside-down swirl or cartwheel.

And “Paramour”is like an explosion in the pan. Like a fireworks display that keeps going off and off and that you never want to end.

“Paramour” is the definition of FUN.  I hope it runs forever.

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