a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Tuck Everlasting 2Much to my great surprise, in that its’ closing was not hyped per usual, “Tuck Everlasting” closed today. Hard on the heels of the announcement of “American Psycho”s going down the Bway drain. I imagine that both shows closing so precipitously lost all their investments which would add up to millions, though I don’t have the figures in front of me.

“Tuck” was so bad I didn’t even review it. I have a limit to which I can spend two hours plus of my valuable time, trying to describe just what is bad about a bad show. “Tuck” was one of those shows. I’m trying to record all my responses to the bad ones, and there were plenty this season, on Twitter. I can manage two sentences, but two hours is just too much. Especially when there are so many shows that are exemplary and worth the time and the hype. My twitter handle btw is @haveafabulous. That’s the tag line I’ve been using as my sign-off for the past 28 years on my TV show. Which, if you’ve never seen it, is a web-series now on Youtube at www. youtube.com/StephenHoltShow.

I did think I tweeted “Tuck-Will it even last til the Tonys?” And no, it didn’t.

Here’s a link to a fuller recounting, but notice, like for “American Psycho” no figures are included.



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