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Finally! Best Director is announced by J.J. Abrams, director of “Star Wars” ~ Alejandro G. Inarritu! Who also won the DGA, the Director’s Guild Award. He’s making history again. He won these awards LAST year. Only two other directors have won two-in-a-row. This is for “The Revenant.” So it’s not a sweep. It’s only won one other award, Best cinematography.  This $64,000 question, as they used to say back in the day, is whether “The Revenant” which will win Best Actor for Leo in a few minutes, is whether or not Brie Larson 4will win four with Best Picture.

And of COURSE, Brie Larson won Best Actress! As she has won everything else and deservedly so. She starts off with “Oh Wow!” and then then thanks the Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals!!!!!!!!!!!Unheard of! “For giving us such a great platform to start our film.”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yup, Leonardo Di Caprio just won his first Oscar. He gave a rather wonderful speech…”I do not take this for granted.”He got a standing ovation, too.

And FINALLY “Spotlight” wins BEST PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!! Just as I predicted! It’s over! The Good Guys won!Spotlight 6

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