a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

OscarsSeveral funny montages from the nominated movies with Black people added in. Like Whoopi Goldberg mopping the floor behind Jennifer Lawrence in “Joy.”

J.K.Simmons introducing Best Supporting Actress…And it’s…ALICIA VIKANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stunning in a yellow gown seemed to be studded with diamonds! Alicia Oscar 1Very sweet, humble speech. Camera stayed a lot on co-star Eddie Redmayne. She didn’t say anything about the transgender community this, but I’m sure she will in the press room. She looks beautiful with an Oscar. It matches her dress in a very subtle, golden way. And the set, too! This girl knows what she’s doing. She thanked her parents and they showed her crying mother, also an actress. SUCH a British accent, you’d never know she was Swedish.

She has a marvelous Hollywood tan, and is really a brunette, btw. But she was a thorough Golden Girl tonight! SOooooo happy for her, and for “The Danish Girl”, my number one film winning a major award. I was in tears after seeing it at TIFF, I’ll never forget seeing it there! In the Princess Alexandra Theater in Toronto! That’s why I struggled so much to get there this year. To see “The Danish Girl” and it was totally worth it to see Alicia experience this beautiful moment! I was all aglow! Just like she was! I was shimmering!


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