a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Spotlight 6Big Short 2“Spotlight,” this year’s little Indie that could, continues its’ winning streak tonight by winning at the Writers’ Guild Award for Best Original Screenplay.

“The Big Short” also still continues to stay in the game by winning the Writers’  Guild Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Expect both to repeat at the Oscars in these categories.

“Spotlight” was written by Josh Singer & Tom McCarthy; Open Road Film

“The Big Short” ~ Screenplay by Charles Randolph and Adam McKay; Based on the Book by Michael Lewis; Paramount Pictures

That Open Road was able to get this far in the Oscar Race is really remarkable, when you consider it’s a small new-ish company competing with the majors, like Paramount Pictures which is behind “The Big Short.”

Is the race just down to two, now? “The Revenant” the other dog in the hunt (for Best Picture) did not rate a screenplay nomination anywhere, because there was virtually no dialogue.

And now all eyes turn to the BAFTAS. As soon as it’s posted online tomorrow night, I’ll post it here.

For a complete list of winners always go to http://www.awardsdaily.com


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