a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Sad BaftaThis will go down as one of the saddest days of the Awards Season, for me, at any rate, and anybody who loves animals or even likes them a little…The revolting “Revenant” won Best Picture at the BAFTAS just now, plus Best Actor, Leonardo, as expected, Best Director, Alejandra Gonzalez Inarritu, as expected, and Best Cinematography, Emmanuel Lubezki, as expected.

I’m sorry to say that this disgusting, boring, vomitous movie won. Has the world lost their collective minds? This big win with the prestigious Brits signals that this may just be what happens at the Oscars next week. I might not even watch now.

Brie Larson, the bright spot, won, as expected for “Room” and she deserves it. This means she’ll very likely win the Oscar for Best Actress, too.

And though I adore Kate Winslet, her winning for this sub-par performance in the minus-rated “Steve Jobs,” I don’t get this either. Her Slavic accent came and went. Maybe they just want a photo-op with the two Titantic stars, Kate and Leo, holding their BAFTAS.

This also shatters the stats, as the wonderful Sasha Stone is wont to say, because “The Revenant” is winning WITHOUT a screenplay, and being a late in the year release. It will also be the first time a director won for TWO pictures in a row! Last year, Inarritu won Best Picture for “Birdman.” Has the world gone mad?

” Spotlight” as expected won Best Original Screenplay and “The Big Short” got Best Adapted Screenplay.Rachel McAdams 2I feel like Rachel McAdams looks in the above picture.^ For an interesting dissection of just what caused “The Revenant” to win, you can go to http://www.goldderby.com and see a very entertaining and insightful discussion, or “War” as Tom O’Neil calls it, between him and Sasha Stone. He totally predicts this “Revenant” win. It’s very interesting how spot on he is, and Sasha is defending the other position for “Spotlight” and especially for “The Big Short,” her favorite film.

I just feel awful for my girl Alicia Vikander. Nominated twice, she lost twice. But the Oscars will be a different story. The Academy has their ballots and is voting right now. Will they be as horrified as I and Sasha am by this “Revenant” turn of events? Or will this spur other voters to vote AGAINST “The Revenant”?

If there still was a Catholic League of Decency the disgusting “Revenant” would get a D.


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