a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Kate Winslet Steve Jobs 2Blimey! But the Brits are going British this year at BAFTA! In a shocker, they’ve just named Kate Winslet as Best Supporting Actress for the put-upon, dowdy Slavic assistant to the a-hole that was Steve Jobs in “Steve Jobs.” Whoa! This might’ve gone to Rooney Mara for “Carol” here, or for her arch-Oscar-rival Alicia Vikander for “Ex Machina”.  In this part, the usually glamorous Winslet is virtually unrecognizable, wearing glasses and with very dowdy, don’t-look-at-me costumes. Winslet also just won a Golden Globe in this category for this part. “Steve Jobs” the movie was a commercial flop, so this win is even more surprising.Kate Winselt Stave J. 1It’s interesting to note that Winslet won from the two major aggregates of foreign press and industry, the Golden Globes and now the BAFTAS. She’s a superlative actress, but this is certainly one of her lesser roles.

On the day of her surprising Golden Globe win, she was so sure she WASN’T winning, she had booked a massage for immediately after. I wonder if she kept that appointment? I bet not.


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