a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Alicia SAG gown 1THAT dress! That marvelous Louis Vuitton fully sleeved gown that Alicia Vikander wore to the SAG awards last night! I can’t stop thinking about it! And she WON in it and it’s now going to famous as one of “THEE dresses” that people always talk about when they talk about the SAG awards, or the Oscars for that matter.

And it’s all sequins! Truly an iridescent wonder! And the colors are so muted! The use of black, brown and white makes the other muted earth tones stand out even more and look even richer and more dazzling. It’s very Scandinavian. Very Swedish. The Swedes have their own great sense of style.

Alicia OTHER dress at the Broadcast Film Critics last week was pretty terrific, too. And here it is, again.It was also a stunner, but in a very different way.Alicia Critics Choice 1It’s a dress that says “I’m a winner!” And she is. As I said before we haven’t seen this Red Carpet WOW of a new style icon, since, well actually Lupita Nyong’o two years ago, and look how many magazine covers and red carpets SHE’S graced before and after she won the Oscar for “Twelve Years a Slave.”

And if you’ve read this far, I know you’re an Oscarologist like me, and I am happy to introduce you to a whole new bunch of predictors called The Gold Rush Gang and you can find them on Twitter


It’ll take you to their website and you’ll find razor-sharp stats on the current gold rush, er, Oscar race. Even Sasha Stone follows them, and now, so do I. And who are they? Well, they’re a bunch of NORMAL people, who just love movies as you and I do, dear cineastes, dear readers. And they are a split off, I think, of the former  very passionate http://www.awardsdaily.com forums.

Sasha, and, now I, too follow them because well, they’re not press and they live outside the Oscar Bubble, and are run by the super-sharp former Forums Operator, Eric Anderson, and guess who’s winning according to the Gold Rush Gang? “Spotlight” for Best Picture Oscarsand then Tom McCarthy of “Spotlight” for Best Director! That just floored me! But I think they might be right. And I thought it,and they, are important enough to warrant a serious mention here at ALLTHINGSOSCAR otherwise known as “The Stephen Holt Show’s Blog.”

And the Gold Rush Gang picked Leo, and Brie and yes, the above lovely Alicia ^ Only one I disagreed with them about is Sylvester Stallone winning Supporting Actor for “Creed”. I don’t want to see that happen. But they’re number 2 was Mark Ruffalo for “Spotlight”! Hey THAT could happen and I’m totally behind that! Mark Ruffalo 1


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