a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Alixia SAGThis has got to be the greatest SAG awards presentation ever! It FLEW! And the Good Guys Won! So glamorous, in an understated way. Favorite moments ~ Alicia Vikander, the Swedish star of “The Danish Girl” was looking stunning in an iridescent Louis Vuitton gown composed of sequined panels of black, white and earth tones. She thanked her mother, who is an actress, describing her childhood of growing up in a theater in Sweden watching her mother act. Classy and beautiful. And that charmingly accented British/Swedish speech! She looked divine and she sounded divine! She sounded and looked every inch a star! The New Audrey Hepburn is born! And I’m predicting this the upcoming, inevitable Academy award is just the FIRST Oscar win for the lovely Alicia! She’s unstoppable!

Downton Abbey SAG“Downton Abbey” winning Best TV Series Drama and a large portion its’ brilliant cast, accepting and Lesley Nicol “Mrs. Patmore” the funny, maternal cook, thanking everyone in Hollywood for being “so kind.” I’m sure THAT’S an adjective that hasn’t been used before about Hwood, and of course, she thanked Julian Fellowes “Who wrote every single word we say. He’s a great writer.” And he is.

Idris Elba 4

And of course, Idris Elba referring to his incredible double win and his saying “Welcome to Diverse TV!”

And last but not least, the wonderful win of “Spotlight” as the “Best Ensemble.” The good guys won!


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